Entrepreneurship is tough enough but don’t let additional stress get in the way of your mental health with these tips from today’s successful entrepreneurs.

UK based wedding photographer Marc Bates says:

“When you’re an entrepreneur, taking care of your own mental health is essential. It has to be your priority because this is the foundation of you and you are the foundation of your business. There are going to be hard days, challenges, setbacks, and knockbacks. You have to be mentally strong to deal with it all.”

Boston-based psychotherapist and entrepreneur Angela Ficken believes:

How to maintain a positive frame of mind for entrepreneurs

“Maintaining mental health and well-being as an entrepreneur is especially tough. Getting enough sleep, eating, and social time are all important ingredients for maintaining mental health. When one or all is off-balance, we are more likely to feel depleted, which over time can lead to burning out.”

“Create a bedtime routine that allows you at least 30 minutes of downtime before bed. This means no work! Think about stashing snacks you enjoy at work to help on days where your energy is low or lunch is hard to schedule. I find scheduling in time to see friends, going for a walk, or getting to an exercise class helps me preserve my self-care. If it’s not scheduled, I am less likely to think about it. When I see it and make time for it, it’s harder to ignore or push off.” 

Dr. Tasha Holland–Kornegay, founder of the Wellness in Real Life platform adds:

“Have your self-care stress relief kit on-call 24/7. We all have certain things that make us feel just a little bit better. Maybe it’s a favorite movie, some dark chocolate, a favorite pair of sweats, chamomile tea, or lavender essential oils. Make sure you have your stress relief kit on-call. Keep your essentials easily accessible and use as needed.”