Laila Ali

The covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to move to a complete work from home model making it the new normal. While the shift was expected to bring more productivity and growth for the company, the outcome has been completely opposite and different. The desire to succeed professionally has imposed a threat to the mental well-being of people all across.

Maintaining a healthy balance between work-life balance not only improves our physical, emotional and mental well-being, but it’s also important for the professional growth of an individual. The accumulated stress of a never-ending workday is hazardous, according to experts. It can harm relationships, health, and overall enjoyment. Work-life balance can mean different things to different people, but here, health and professional experts provide tips to help you find the right balance for you.

The global pandemic has changed the way we work, blurring what was already a hazy divide between life and work while raising questions around the long-term impacts on our mental wellness. Laila Ali, an ace entrepreneur who has taken over the entertainment and digital worlds, reveals her tips and methods for balancing work and life together.

Set your limit

Setting limits in life is critical because if you don’t, work can consume all of your time, leaving you with no time for the relationships and activities you enjoy. Allowing yourself ample time to complete tasks is critical. In addition, one should assess their priorities at work and at home and attempt to reduce their to-do list. You’ll have more time for activities that are significant to you if you stop taking assignments out of guilt or a false sense of obligation. And if you have greater control over your hours, you’ll be less stressed which will definitely benefit you in many other ways too.

Planning is crucial

Make a list of all the key tasks you need to complete and prioritise them based on their importance and urgency. We frequently divide down our jobs and projects into more manageable chunks when we use time management techniques. Prioritizing duties is the key to increasing productivity in the workplace even over the holidays.

Caring for oneself is of utmost importance

In order to attain a work-life balance, one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to cope with work stress. A healthy lifestyle encompasses not just being fit, but also our food choices and physical exercise, both of which must be included in our daily routine. Exercise, yoga, gardening, or reading can all be inculcated as hobbies to help people utilise their free time productively. After a hard day of work, one’s body needs rest and at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to be productive for the next day.

Rationalize your expectations

You’ll find that you frequently set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Lowering your expectations to a healthier level is one step closer to achieving a work-life balance. We’ve all had days when our personal lives have taken a toll on our work. Don’t worry about that; it’s entirely natural. Knowing how long each task takes and how much you can finish without sacrificing quality will allow you to make the most of your leisure time.

Give yourself a break 

Sometimes all we need is a vacation, a change of scenery, and a chance to see something new. Vacations are a wonderful chance to spend quality time with family and friends while also taking your mind off work. It’s that time of year again, when you may relax, unwind, and revitalise. Everybody deserves a mini-vacation to refresh themselves and give a break to their brain.

The pandemic, and this time of prolonged remote work, has proved that our effectiveness as employees and founders is not defined by the number of hours we physically spend at the office, but by the quality of work we produce and the quality of the life we live.