We all want to memorize things quickly and for long time(especially students). But as a normal human being, we fail to do so most of the time. So here I have come up with some tips so that you can also memorize things for long period of time and quickly.

Firstly let’s know how brain works as a memory machine. Why we forget things? Our brain works as a hard disk and it has a limited space(not literally) for remembering things. It usually does not keep data for long term unless and until we practice it to memorize.

Our brain stores all the new things for a short time (short term memory), and it gets vanished or blurred very quickly if you don’t repeat it or reuse it.

So we need to know how we can get thing memorize for long period of time, let’s begin.

1. Avoid Multitasking and Distractions

Concentration becomes key to memorize things when you are practicing, listening, watching or doing any other random stuff. If you do multitask your brain gets information in pieces and this makes it difficult for the things to get connected. This is why sometimes we forget why we came in the room. Just make it simple, try to do one thing at a time with full of your concentration.

Do not get distracted by external and internal distractions. While studying don’t let your brain to think of other things, the moment your brain thinks something else you will forget that part of your work. That is the case while listening music if we think something else we miss certain part of that song and then we play it again. It happens with everyone, with me too.

2. Revise things in time slots

As said earlier, our brain delete things if we do not reuse or repeat it.

Practice this repetition set in your study.

1st repetition — right after learning

2nd repetition — after 15–20 minutes

3rd repetition — after 6–8 hours

4th repetition — after 24 hours

Try this method and if it helps you, remember me in the prayers.

3. Visualize It

You must have heard it much often to learn and memorize things, visualization plays a major part. Convert your words into pictures, use more senses to be a better learner and become a memory champ.

Commit to your task by visualizing it , visualize by names, character, objects, places anything which you can relate to. Most importantly, get interested in what you are doing.

I could have gone for more tips but I know you will forget them. HeHe… Just Kidding. Go steady and slow practice these tips and methods. These methods are enough for a quick and long lasting memory.


I hope you liked these ways for memorizing things and it will definitely help you in your studies. I am Jasmine Black, Subject Matter Expert at GotoAssignmentHelp, where we provide students the my assignment help they need for a better academic growth. Feel free to visit us.