Being one of the top resorts, Makadi Heights Hurghada has made a name of its own in this beautiful place of Egypt. It is surrounded by water and lies at a good height from sea level. Furthermore, the location is cosmopolitan and provides an amazing luxurious experience to all the visitors and owners. 

The entire area is covered with sophisticated sites that provide a great opportunity for every investor. From large gardens to artificial lakes, Makadi Heights Hurghada offers all kinds of features. 

So, let’s understand more about this place to help you choose the right building for all your needs.

Description of Makadi Heights Hurghada

The resort can be found in the center of Makadi Bay near the amazing Red Sea coast. It is situated at an altitude of 78 meters High. Due to the height factor, the place is best for people who want to enjoy the panoramic view of the blissful area. The maximum height of this project is 3780 m. While the minimum height is 348 m. 

In addition to that, the resort connects several vital places of Egypt. Starting with Hurghada Airport that is just 15 minutes from this area. Hurghada, El Gouna and the center of Hurghada are around 20 to 30 minutes away. Even the Sahl Hasheesh is 7km away from Makadi Heights Hurghada.

Leaving all this aside, the resort has all the features that attract people from various regions. From entertainment and luxury to shopping centers, everything can be found here. Plus, the entire region covers a land of 3.4 million square meters of area. But most of the land is left for flora and fauna. Out of the total area, only 25% is used for construction sites and open spaces. This is to provide a quality experience to all the people of Makadi Heights Hurghada. 

Features described by the company

Various facilities are given by the company. We have listed a few of them here:

  • Numerous swimming pools are provided for everyone. Almost 35 are available along with the famous Infinity Pool that attracts many people.
  • Separate tracks are built for sports activities. They are surrounded by greenery.
  • A large shopping mall and hypermarket along with restaurants and cafes are placed in separate corners.
  • Medical clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, international schools, universities, almost all the necessary buildings are given here.
  • A specific clubhouse is placed with an area of 33,000 square meters. Recreational areas for children and adults are provided for everyone. 
  • Separate sport and gym centers can be seen all around the place.
  • Makadi Heights Hurghada also provides a traveling facility via bus to move inside the compound.

Price factor in Makadi Heights Hurghada

The cost of any unit in Makadi Heights depends on the three stages given by the company. The CREST stage offers a 10% down payment with 7% handover charges and equal installments for 5 years.

The BAYOU and TOPIO stages both have a 10% down payment but with 7 years and 6.5 years equal installment plan respectively. The villas have a 10% down payment and a 5 years plan.