No one is an island. Most of us have to collaborate, co-create and coordinate with other people which may be quite stressful.

Having a set of tools to help alleviate some of the stress, or automate some of the process, is absolutely crucial for making it all work:

1. Google Docs

I am a big believer in creating my own content whenever possible. Sometimes I can use a little help. Others I have worked with just don’t see content creation as their strong point.

Whatever the case, you can delegate it to Google Docs, which will do it all for you. You’ll like their content collaboration features allowing real-time editing and workflows.

Google Docs

2. Cyfe

This tool can handle anything. Think of any aspect of your content marketing: Creating? Editing? Organizing? Marketing? Monitoring? Cyfe can make it easier for you.

From social media sharing and scheduling capabilities to managing your to-do lists and Google Docs, this tool can help you create an all-in-one business dashboard that will save you lots of time.

Cyfe is like that little Swiss knife that can basically be used for anything. It’s a great productivity solution that can handle financing, effective team management, event scheduling, email marketing and so much more.

With multi-user features, you can also add your team members and virtual assistants to manager and monitor your dashboards for you.

3. Appointfix

Are you managing a lot of appointments? Do you have to sync your meetings across several team members as well as your clients?

It is never easy! Luckily there are solutions to help like Appointfix that allows you to organize and share your meetings across your team members. Appointfix allows you to schedule appointments, send confirmation and reminder texts to everyone involved.


4. Nextiva

If you work with people, you probably need to call or meet with them from time to time. This is where a unified phone and video conferencing software comes in handy.

Nextiva is a communication platform that allows you to talk with anyone through phone, text, video, email, and instant messaging.

Nextiva supports the so-called Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) which is a great collaboration tool. You can read about UCaaS here.

5. Canva

I will fully admit that I am not so good with graphic design. So when it comes to making banners I am hopeless. I have tried a lot of banner generators and I like Canva better than most.

The results are attractive, professional looking and yet it is easy to use. You can use standardized sizing or customize your own, though I tend to find adaptive designs do better with the standard. It is compatible with several services, like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, which is another plus.

You can use the tool to create branded visuals that you will be able to re-use on your social media channels to re-market your old and new content. There are of course many more tools to create better images to choose from but I do love Canva!

But my favorite feature is its collaboration one allowing different team members to access the shared space to create consistent visual assets.

Happy co-creating!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay