A famous Professional Boxer, Muhamad Ali, once said, “Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

That is the slogan I adapted a few days into my lock down period. Our Country, Botswana, was in a lock down for 28 days and because of my job role, a Bureau De Change Teller I was still subjected to going to work during the pandemic as an essential worker.

My mind was all over the place as my job role entails handling money and still interacting with different people during this crucial period wasn’t an easy one. So one morning I decide to wake up and use the days left to start something I used to dislike- Exercising!

Previously owning a gym membership that I cancelled after going for gym for one month, inconsistently, I am not really the greatest to rely on, when it comes to fitness. However, I will forever be thankful this Lock down brought me closer to working on my physical health and keeping fit.

Physical Health is such a vital role in our day to day lives but we miss its effectiveness because we only focus on the pain endured over the gain incurred. My job is frequent stressful but I have noticed that I handle the stress well after a morning of working-out and my mood tends to be optimistic and happier as compared to when I haven’t run a mile yet.

Days after the lockdown, my exercise routine is part of my life and i don’t get as mentally tired as before, my brain somehow adjusts to the long hours and still stays sharp and willing to be active.

This being the greatest eye opening of all time, I have learnt that sometimes certain things happen to us so we learn and appreciate the things we took for granted.
Sometimes these things happen to us so we change our lifestyles for the better. Sometimes things do happen so we know we are inevitable to change and our bodies and minds are forever wiling to change and improve as long as we put in the effort and make the days count…