Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves, but becoming that person is a huge feat with large hills to climb. The journey can often become overwhelming, but if you take it one step at a time, you can challenge yourself in many ways that make you better, stronger and more resilient. Here are some small– and not so small– goals to reach for on your way to an improved you.

Show Yourself Kindness

Whenever you’re working to improve yourself, you may find that you’re not automatically good at everything you do right away. That’s okay. It takes time to develop new habits, skills and routines so you should speak kindly to yourself and foster a positive mindset. It can be as simple as giving yourself compliments, posting words of encouragement on your bathroom mirror or listening to affirmations during your morning meditation.

Learn Something New

Learning new skills not only makes you more versatile in the workforce but also keeps your mind engaged and gives you a confidence boost. Consider diving deep into an interest with the purpose of mastering a skill, whether it’s carpentry, art or communication. According to recent studies, Mandarin Chinese is one of the best languages to learn in 2021. Pick up a skill that will serve you in your future endeavors.

Address Your Emotional Baggage

Everyone has baggage, and when you carry yours everywhere you go, you don’t have space to pick up new and better things. Therefore, if you want to improve your emotional state, you should open those bags and deal with what’s inside. A good therapist can help you do this in a safe, healthy and productive way. Then, you’ll be free to embrace new thoughts, feelings and emotions that help you heal and move on from your pain.

Read More

Have you ever noticed that the shelves of successful people are lined with books? That’s because reading is essential to self-improvement, skill-building and self-care. If you can commit to a book or audiobook for at least fifteen minutes each day, you’ll be developing and enhancing your mind. You don’t have to read complicated textbooks or quirky self-help guides. Your favorite science fiction or historical romance novel will bring you just as much peace and enjoyment.

Declutter Your Space

A cluttered room belongs to a cluttered mind. The state of your dwelling reflects your emotional health. When you feel anxious or depressed, you don’t feel like washing dishes or dusting surfaces. To make things worse, the mess becomes so overwhelming that you retreat deeper into mental illness as an escape. One way to prepare yourself for bigger and better goals is to clean up the mess that surrounds you. Doing so will help you feel accomplished and give you the confidence to define a new goal.

Exercise Everyday

When you want to see how quickly you can better yourself, start an exercise routine. Even if you’ve never been a runner, you’ll quickly discover that you’re able to go faster and farther each day that you train your body. The same is true for weightlifting—you add weight as you get stronger.

Setting and meeting these small fitness goals each week trains your brain to know what you’re capable of and how to achieve it. Not only will your body be stronger and fitter, but you’ll be motivated to tackle that major project, compete for that promotion at work or start that master’s degree program you’ve been thinking about.

Conquer Your Biggest Fear

When your anxieties are holding you back from achieving greatness, it’s time to address them. If you haven’t applied for your dream job because it requires public speaking, then your goal should be to overcome your fear of talking to a crowd. Thankfully, that’s a skill you can acquire through practice. With some encouragement from friends and a skilled instructor, you don’t need to venture farther than your local community college.

By committing to changing your life for the better, you can achieve whatever you set out to accomplish and more.