Although it’s not where we usually spend the majority of our waking time, in terms of actual hours spent in our bedrooms, we spend a lot of our time there. This is our own unique space. The space that we don’t have to allow anyone into if we don’t want to, and the space in the house where we can shut the door behind us, close our eyes and rejuvenate. But what if we’re struggling to sleep? Sleep is so important to our well-being, and chances are if you’re struggling with it you’ve tried all of the high-street remedies available to you, but did you know there are changes you can make in the actual room in order to help you to sleep better? Well if you make these small changes, you could be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Invest in a New Mattress

A lot of people don’t even realise, but the mattress that you’re using could massively be impacting the quality of your sleep – especially if it’s an old one. Did you know that you’re actually recommended to change your mattress for a new one every seven to ten years? Well a lot of people don’t realise this, and if they do, they don’t take heed. They think, after all, how much can a mattress have changed in the past seven years? Well for starters they lose their firmness, springs start to stick out in places they shouldn’t, and don’t even get started on when they start to get that lumpy effect! Mattresses can massively impact the strength of your back and your overall posture, so they’re not only integral to your sleeping and the health problems linked to that, but for your actual body too. If you’re going out to buy a new mattress, remember:

  • Do your research. Mattresses are expensive, and you want to choose the one that suits you best.
  • Test the said mattress. A lot of them actually have a guarantee on them, so if that’s twenty-eight days, why not use the first few weeks as a sort of tester?
  • Double check the size you need. If your mattress is too small or too big for your bed, this is likely to cause problems.

Darkness is Your Friend

Although a lot of people find fear in the dark, it’s actually your best friend when you’re looking to get a solid night’s sleep. If your curtains are letting in too much light, then chances are you’re being woken long before you need to be. Likewise, if there is the smallest shift of light or movement outside like a flickering streetlamp, or a car with their full beam on going past, this is likely to rouse you from even the deepest of sleeps. Not to mention our electronic devices like our phones, televisions and clocks – which obviously should be switched off and away from you when it comes to sleep time.

If your curtains just aren’t functioning how you need them to, why not invest in getting some black out blinds fitted? These will fit your window space correctly, look neater, and act more functionally than most curtains would. Not only are they likely to block out any excess light, but with their accurate fit and range of designs to choose from, it’s actually hard to go wrong. Black out blinds are so popular, and there’s no question as to why. They block out light more effectively, and allow you more space in your window area than bulky black out curtains would. If you were trying to sell your house quickly with a company like We Buy Any House –, a feature like this installed into the master bedroom could set your home apart from the rest, and ultimately make for an even quicker sale.

Consider the Temperature

Last but certainly not least, did you know the temperature of your bedroom can seriously impact the way you sleep? If you’re too hot, your body can naturally dehydrate through the night, and although it’s unlikely to impact your health massively, it makes for an uncomfortable nights’ rest. Likewise, if you’re too cold, you’ll be unable to fully relax. Assess your room, and what its natural temperature is, and take it from there. If your windows let in a lot of light and heat, move your bed away from that area, or invest in a fan. Likewise if you’re too cold, consider a thicker winter duvet and warmer materials for bedding such as brushed cotton. All of these small changes could revolutionise your quality of sleep, so what are you waiting for?