As an entrepreneur and self-employed person, you can’t get around it: The working week is just sometimes – yes, often quite often – longer than the usual 40 hours you usually have as an employee. There are deadlines that must be met, tasks that pile up – not to mention all the paperwork, development, sales, accounting, etc.

And then it is also usually the case that we love our work and are passionate about it – and then a working day (and more) can quickly get on its feet! For many, it is a real challenge to get the balance between work and family life going up – especially in the first time when everything is new; there are many things to relate to and keep in mind, and you are just as in love with your new business and the new freedom as being self-employed.

So how do you really make sure there is enough time and energy in everyday life for both business and family? And vice versa – how do you avoid falling into everyday skipping actions such as washing dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn, gardening, lunch with friends, training or mountain biking with friends, etc., etc., when you “now still work at home”? 

Here are some of my top tips provided by Mohit Behl – that can help you to make your work-life balance and make you productive.

  1. Make lists of what you want to spend your free time on. I have an experience list on our logo-coloured paper, so I remember to give myself time for something other than working. I love my job and can easily find work both evenings and weekends – but precisely in those cases, it is also important to give yourself time for self-pampering, where you can relax and be with family or friends. And then it is also exciting to have such a list to go and look at and look forward to having to tackle 🙂
  2. Focus on spending the first five minutes as you walk in the door, listening to your family instead of – as we all sometimes do in our zeal – immediately starting to talk about your own day. I have it from a reliable source that if you give yourself time to listen, then it is also much easier to be allowed to go hunting / to football / out with your friends later in the evening.
  3. Remember to take part in the things your partner and your children are involved in, such as your partner’s hobbies, the children’s football matches and performances at school – or perhaps the day’s homework. If you are present and let them share their experiences from everyday life with you, then you can also be allowed to share your everyday life with them afterwards – and tell them about the exciting tasks, fun and quirky experiences and new ideas your company is breeding ground for during the day.
  4. Send an SMS to your partner when you are busiest, or when the working day drags on and you are delayed – it is important attention that creates goodwill and at the same time makes it easier to stay in touch and close on a busy day. (And then it always warms so nicely when you get an answerback, right?)

Make appointments with your partner/children/friends/girlfriends about when you are home, or about doing something together after work – it is much easier to fall in and continue the work until well into the evening if you do not have an appointment after closing time.