Make Your Dreams Come True By Awakening The Believer In You

We live in a world that is accommodative of all species. The unique benefits  we can derive from Mother Earth are immense to meet all its occupants’ satisfaction. There is a great possibility of living a free and wonderful life without fear or anxiety, but this is not the case. Greed has taken the wheel of many souls, barricading the world and creating a thick line between the haves and have nots, which has led to massive bloodshed. 

Do you want to make it to the top? Sometimes you have to prepare for tough times. Besides, it would help if you had a tremendous work ethic to be successful in this world. However, tough times don’t last. What should motivate you is your zeal and power as a gamechanger to impact and change the current world’s trends and perceptions. Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attraction.”

It is in line with Albert’s statement that Rick Ende believes in. He emphasizes the concept that your dream can come true only when you believe it yourself. The moment you don’t believe in your ideas is the beginning of killing your big goal. 

In a world obsessed with measuring talents and ability, we often don’t weigh in on the need to inspire others. Nonetheless, what inspiration does to us is beyond Imagination. It awakens us to new possibilities and allows us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations. 

However, Rick Ende is among the best authors and speakers of all time. His words are powerful and inspiring and have transformed many people’s lives amidst a troubled generation. You can also find other inspirational writings, speeches and quotes from great speakers like Brian Tracey, whose motivation is to see individuals develop, train and grow. Other writers include Robin Sharma the author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Dr. Wayne Dyer who has published a stream of books. Also Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Tony Robbins are at the same height as Rick writings.  

Who Exactly Is Rick Ende

Rick is the Founder and CEO of multiple businesses. He is also an author offering a new view of symbolism and belief. As an inspirational author, Rick’s life purpose is to raise his readers’ emotional state to fulfill his core values of fun, gratitude, generosity, and happiness. 

He started by establishing his first business, Inspirations Calls, due to his quest to serve the government to achieve mission results. He later opened his second business, Reward Happiness, to entertain and uplift audiences that inspire a call to action for adventure. 


Rick is enthusiastic to stand in the gap and help others fulfill their life purpose and realize their dreams. Connecting with the world through his writing, you will experience a test of love and generosity emanating from it. He craftily uses the style to connect with individuals in need of inspiration, guidance, and support.

Rick aspires to build inspiration that will support the citizens that make up our communities, states, countries, and the global space we live in. To achieve his mission, Rick infuses his passion for positively impacting the lives of those served into building unique strategic solutions.


Similar to many other missions, the path to success often is full of turmoil. The complexity of reaching out to the audience that loves stories or requires inspiration was one of the greatest bottlenecks experienced. Also, due to many people’s solid stand with regards to their political standing, convincing them otherwise and engaging them further into social conversations often was a hard nut to crack.

Aside from the mentioned challenges, Rick faced some difficulties in reaching out to other future authors with similar corporate visions. The financing constraint bit has been a slight trigger to the slower gradual flow of the sales process. Moreover, launching the product has been a pain in the neck for him, and he aims at streamlining his timing process.


Although there have been many obstacles experienced along the growth path, Terence has experienced immense success. What stands out for him is his ability to grow a $10M profit and loss to a $65M per year portfolio in 5 years. He achieved it through implementing strategies aligned to fulfilling clients’ objectives and meeting their core missions.

Besides, Rick has built a workforce from the initial 35 personnel into 250 persons by aligning the teams towards business outcomes and fulfilling personal career growth and objectives. 


Reward Happiness aims to disrupt the current market by changing their perspective and giving insightful ways to tackle daily challenges. The short term goal focuses on securing markets and attracting promising authors in tune with the values of love, generosity and care. 

Rick aspires to connect deeply with his audience and address all-rounded issues that will help fill in major gaps in life. 

Parting Shot

There are numerous ways to tell your story. Rick Ende believes that connecting and identifying with your audience is the main ingredient to catalyze your brand name’s growth and solid establishment. Rick’s first book, “End Of Days: The Quest” is adventurous, inspiring and enlightening in nature. He is looking for authors who share his vision and passion, and wants to spread happiness and wisdom. 

Get your copy of Rick’s book here and live through the adventure today.