Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the whole wide world. This UAE city is known for its lavish lifestyle, luxurious shopping malls, futuristic architecture, skyscraper-filled skylines and many more. Though the day-time in Dubai might be lousy and hot, it offers quite a lively and energetic nightlife!

So if you are planning a short trip to Dubai, and want to make it memorable then there are certain activities and places that you can’t miss. Here is a list of all the 6 popular things to do in Dubai.

1.  Sightseeing At Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest skyscraper buildings of UAE. There are so many interesting facts about this building. The architecture of this building is indeed record-breaking. Plus the interior of the building is breathtaking as well. But that’s just not all that this building has to offer. The view from one of the building’s floor is spectacular and beyond imagination both at night or during the day.

2.  Palm Jumeriah:

Dubai has the most number of man-made islands & parks. And one of the most awe-striking manmade islands is ‘Palm Jumeriah.’ This place is famous for its ‘Palm tree’ shape. It is one of the biggest artificial islands in the world. There are many fancy and luxurious hotels on the Palm Jumeriah strips. One can enjoy the island feel, delicious food, spas, and other fun activities at this place.

3.  The Dubai Fountain:

Located at the base of Burj Khalifa, the famous ‘Dubai Fountain’ is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Here you can witness a world’s largest perfectly choreographed and synchronized fountain system. The colorful dancing water show jets shoot 150 meters high above in the air. Everything looks so mesmerizing with the musical numbers making the whole scene dreamy.

4.  Dubai Canal:

Consisting of five pedestrian bridgers, the Dubai Canal is another popular tourist attraction. You can take a stroll on one of its bridges that makes its way to the iconic waterway. But that’s just not all, get on board one of the yacht rental Dubai and enjoy the beautiful sunset from the waterway.

5.  Dubai’s Desert Dunes:

If you are visiting Dubai, then your trip is nothing without visiting the original Arabian desert of Dubai. It is one of the most visited places by tourists. It offers a number of thrilling, adventurous and enjoyable activities. You can enjoy the desert safari, quad-biking, or sandboarding. Furthermore, the place offers the most delicious barbeque and you can experience the traditional camel riding as well! If you are a fan of henna tattoos, then it the best place to get your skin inked with white henna.

6.  The Kite Beach:

Want to test your watersport skills? Then make sure to visit the beautiful ‘Kite Beach’ in Dubai. While its the best spot for watersports, you can also have other activities as well. There are many open-air cafes and restaurants at the beach that offers delicious eatery. Moreover, you can also enjoy kite flying, biking, skating, and the beach game – volleyball as well.