From the age of 14, Margot Ettedgui was introduced to the fashion retail industry and jumpstarted her passion for owning her own business one day. Ettedgui studied fashion merchandising at the art institute and soon after decided to work alongside her father, building a legacy together. Eventually, Ettedgui became a licensed sales agent and accepted the challenge to expand the company, Financial Triangle, to the west coast.

Ettedgui soon became the General Manager of Financial Triangle and opened in New York, Texas, and London. However, Ettedgui did not want to stop there. After being licensed for 4 years and working with international clients in the biggest states of the nation—Ettedgui learned a lot. She wanted to expand her knowledge to something more. It was when her brother introduced her to the world of TikTok, Ettedgui knew what she wanted to do.

She learned of the value of educational content on social media and how important it was to reach out to the younger generation since they were not informed correctly about living in the real world. Ettedgui hopped on the TikTok platform during quarantine and was able to create educational, relatable, and entertaining content for her followers.

Today, you can find Ettedgui a part of Team Tap—an educational content creation house tailored to Gen Z and Millennials to learn about how to function in the real world. Ettedgui plans to continue creating more unique content to educate the world about mortgages, real estate, personal finance, mindset, and more.

To aspiring young entrepreneurs like Ettedgui, she advises to never give up and always keep reaching further than the stars. You never know what you can get from what the world throws your way when you put your best efforts in everything you do. She claims that anyone can do it if they put their mind to it and manifest their dreams.

“To the ones that look up to my work, I want them to know it wasn’t luck,” Ettedgui states. “It was hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and patience.”