Divorce can be one of the most difficult times of someone’s life, especially now being stuck in quarantine during the pandemic. Between custody battles, splitting of finances and assets, meetings with attorneys and mediators, a lack of support, feelings of isolation, loneliness, depression, and sadness, divorce can be painful and extremely emotionally draining for anyone. 

As a way to guide women through the divorce process, author, entrepreneur, and divorce coach, Jen Lawrence just released her next book The Designed Divorce: How to Preserve Your Wealth and Peace of Mind in Divorce.

Divided into seven sections, Jen shares her proprietary DESIGN divorce process she uses with her private coaching clients.  Drawing from Jen’s training, experience and education, The Designed Divorce book helps:

  • Handle your emotions so you can focus on the business of divorce
  • Get clarity on your goals so your settlement supports your future and dreams
  • Hire the right divorce team that can help you maximize your options for a happy and secure future
  • Avoid the 7 Divorce Sins that threaten your wealth and emotional well-being
  • Develop and implement radical self-care techniques that go far deeper than a spa day
  • Understand how to build financial security
  • Start down the path to a future that excites you

Jen Lawrence helps her clients move from feelings of overwhelm, to the business of divorce and provides clarity about finances and the divorce process. She has an MBA in Finance and worked in consulting and investment banking for years prior to staying at home to raise her children. After her unexpected divorce, she pivoted to freelancing writing, speaking, and consulting, and has contributed to PopSugar.com, HuffPost, and ThriveGlobal.com. She is also a seasoned media personality appearing on YahooLifestyle.com, BestLifeOnline.com, Authority magazine, JustLuxe.com, The Mom Show, Report on Business TV, See Hear Love, and TVO Parents

In 2015, Jen also co-authored the well-known business book Engage the Fox, a guide about decision making and critical thinking, and helps her private coaching clients make sound, long-term decisions at an emotional time.