Hey loves,

I’m curious. How do you make your critical life choices?

When you consider your next career steps, are you coming from your heart space and choosing your mission and what you feel called to do? Or are you attaching yourself to what you think is expected of you, or perhaps to an specific person or organization.

I spend a lot of time writing and coaching on listening to our intuition and following our gut feelings because they are going to be spot on 99% of the time. The other 1% may be the times we were kind of sort of listening. This holds true for any of your decisions in life … work, relationships and anything else you may deliberate over.

In any of your serious life decisions, pay attention to what your heart and body are saying. Follow their lead, don’t worry about the expectations of others or society. They are not living this life for you.

In order to know joy, we need to be following a path we believe we are meant to be on. Even when faced with obstacles and challenging days, this sense of knowing brings us extraordinary resilience.

I have a lot of friends who flourish in artistic fields. They carry on every day with their work because it’s their calling and their passion. They don’t question their ability to keep going, they just do. Ever notice this? In many cases the path chose them, yours will too.

When you find yourself focussed in this way, you will feel this joy and know that abundant rewards are attainable.

When we follow what lies deep in our soul, we can live out the life that brings us a lasting joy instead of a life meant for someone else. This is how we bring our light into the world.

Let’s talk about how to radically listen and hear what your heart says.

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