Those with rental properties have an obligation to their tenants to provide a safe and stress-free environment. While landlords can only do so much to ensure their tenants are safe and stress-free, the things they do will go a long way to make this possible.

The best way to make life safer and less stressful for tenants is to invest in security upgrades. The key to choosing the right security upgrades is to understand potential weak spots throughout your property where extra security can be an asset. 

Here are just a few simple security upgrades that you can make to your property to add an extra layer of security:

Security Cameras in Common Areas

One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your investment property is to invest in a few strategically placed cameras. Similar to video surveillance for business premises, cameras put in high traffic common areas can help to prevent common crimes such as theft and property damage. Camera systems provide you with the ability to choose the way you monitor these areas, either with a person monitoring a live feed or recorded so you can review the footage if needed.

Parcel Lockers for Packages

Online shopping is taking over the way people buy items for themselves and their homes. However, the biggest risk with online shopping is the chance that a tenant’s package will be stolen right from their front door. Installing a delivered parcel locker for preventing package theft on your property will help your tenants feel safe about shopping online and having their packages delivered to their home address.

Upgraded Door Locks

A standard door lock can only do so much when it comes to keeping your tenants and your properties safe and secure. A simple solution is to upgrade all of your standard door locks to ones that offer an extra level of protection, whether that is by adding a deadbolt or by using door locks that are reinforced, making it more difficult for potential criminals to enter.

Exterior Lighting

A great way to give your tenants a feeling of security day or night is to provide them with the proper lighting they need to move around the exterior of the property. Exterior lighting should be installed along high traffic walkways, near entrances and in places where it can get very dark, even in the daytime. If you don’t want a constant light, you can choose to install lighting with motion sensors so the lights are only in use when people are within that area.

Gated Parking

Bigger properties often have large parking areas. This can be convenient for tenants, but it can also be a place where property damage and other crimes may take place. In order to make sure your tenants can keep their vehicles damage-free, you can consider a gated parking solution for your property. These solutions come in a variety of options so that access to parking areas is limited to tenants and property management.

Security should be a high priority for anyone that owns one or more multifamily investment properties. A few dollars invested upfront for common security upgrades will pay off in the long run by keeping your property desirable to future tenants. It can also be a deterrent for those who want to damage property, keeping your repair costs low.