You fret and worry over how someone is going to react in a certain situation.

And then you get a completely unexpected response when the situation actually does unfold.

This is an important lesson that you can’t read other people’s minds, and attempting to is costing you your own peace of mind.

Instead of getting anxious in advance of how someone is going to react, make a decision to approach them with an open mind, without making any assumptions.


Whether in a social setting or fluctuating work environment, acting with an open mind can create a space for understanding and positive outcomes.

And in a challenge to all of us to create positive change around equality for marginalized people, we must call out biases and prejudices that we may witness.

This is a perfect place to start having conversations without making assumptions about how people are going to react.

Take a stand for the dignity that every human deserves without being so sure you know how it’s going to go.

When you step into courage rather than anxiety, I promise there will be hidden gifts.


If you’ve found yourself in uncertain territory as our world continues to unfold, I can help. We are all feeling it and you’re not alone. I’ve helped many clients find the path that is right for them in the face of challenging circumstances. Please reach out for support, whether career related, or otherwise.

And if you know a friend or neighbor who could use hearing the advice in this article, please forward this to them too.