There are many times where you will hear people using words such as manager and leader interchangeably. It’s true that managers often find themselves in leadership positions, but there is a difference between a leader and a manager. Read on to get more information about what being a manager means and what being a leader means. This should help you to keep the two distinct in your head moving forward. 


Managers are simply people who have been given the power to manage companies. They are tasked with managing businesses so that they can keep things moving along as they should. You will find managers doing their jobs by keeping employees on task and ensuring that things are getting done. Managers have quotas to fulfill and directives to follow that come down from higher positions. 

Being a manager is not always easy, and this does not mean that managers aren’t important. It does mean that managers have a clearly defined role in organizations. Some managers might choose to become leaders by taking new paths that go beyond just managing a company as intended. You’ll also find that some managers will want to inspire employees as leaders do, but for the most part, managers just manage employees to keep things going in the right direction. 


Leaders are people who go beyond the standard responsibilities of managers. They lead people and do their best to make them better over time. Leaders have the ability to inspire others, and they often try to enact change in various ways. They might try to help people innovate in certain industries, or they might create new paths that lead to new types of business emerging. 

Whereas managers exist to keep the status quo going, leaders will try to take things much further. A leader isn’t someone who simply manages a business and tries to keep things moving along on the rails as it should. Leaders are the people who push beyond boundaries, and they will also take their team members along with them. These leaders can be true game-changers in the business world, and many of the biggest success stories in entrepreneurship come from bold new leaders who dared to dream. 

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