My expertise is in plant medicine, not autism. But I will share with you how profound plant medicine is for children on the spectrum. I have learned so much from moms and the remedies. Its a bit of a different take on what you have learned and read about as far as help for specific symptoms. Its more of what I have experienced in working with children/adults on the spectrum using flower remedies. In fact, my first guidebook is about using plant medicine for children/adults on the spectrum and remedies for your entire family. Once a diagnosis is heard by parents, so many things your child may struggle with all comes as part of the diagnosis – and it can be hard to separate what may be managing anxiety in children with autism, as opposed to managing symptoms exhibited with the diagnosis of being on the spectrum. It is not always one diagnosis. In other words, anxiety may or may not be part of being “on the spectrum.” But honestly, in what I do using plant medicine, flower remedies – it doesn’t matter.

There are many symptoms that people struggle with in anxiety. Anxiety can truly be debilitating. There are usually very specific symptoms of anxiety you may notice in your child, as well as others in your family. One of the things to think about – does anxiety run in your family? What is happening in their environment? Here are many of the symptoms you may see in your child and how the use of plant medicine, flower remedies can help in an amazing way.

Some Symptoms of Anxiety:
• Worry
• Fears
• Negative thoughts
• Compulsive actions
• Wanting to be home
• Repetitive thoughts
• Bothered by sounds and loud noises
• Prefer home to friends
• Possibly does not want to go to school
• Does not like crowds
• Fear of unknown (i.e. school trips), and known
• Co-dependent on you
• Uncomfortable around people or in groups
• Social Awkwardness

and other individual challenges. There are some challenges that people with anxiety share and others challenges that are personal, inherited and/or environmentally brought on.

So showing some of the symptoms above refers to anxiety, not autism. So when I work with clients, I take every symptom separately. Many times moms that don’t struggle with anxiety, don’t realize that their child is struggling with anxiety and think it is a symptom of being on the spectrum, not necessarily anxiety. It is very easy to confuse the two when the spectrum symptoms are becoming more and more broad every year. Managing anxiety in children with autism can be done with plant medicine, easily, effectively, quickly and powerfully. There are flower remedies as well you can use for the various symptoms in autism and Aspergers that are mental/emotional challenges – obsessiveness, repetitiveness and more.


I have had amazing success with plant medicine, flower remedies for anxiety – not only for myself when struggling with anxiety and agoraphobia-where I could not leave the house, but also with children and adults. Amazing success actually! There are no side effects, the plant are quite powerful in targeting and helping our mental health and peace of mind. Based on your symptoms is what leads us to the anxiety. See the list above. If you see connections with yourself or your child, begin working with his anxiety using plant medicine. Once you begin to see positive changes, which should happen within the first month usually then move on to other challenges. Remedies to use at the very beginning blend when treating anxiety:

Always begin with Fringed Violet, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Angelsword from Australian Bush Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy from Bach Flower Essences. This will protect your child from all the energy around them. This is huge. I find children on the spectrum to be very intuitive and very sensitive to others’ energy. This blend above creates a shield, and it work amazingly. This is usually why your children may feel uncomfortable in crowds.

For Worry – add Crowea from Australian Bush Flower Remedies For Fears – Add Scottish Primrose from Findhorn Flower Essences For inner turmoil and anxiousness – use Daisy from Findhorn Flower Essences and Chamomile from FES Flower Essences
Golden Yarrow from FES Flower Essences to help with social anxiety
Kangaroo Paw from Australian Bush Flower Remedies as well for social awkwardness

This is a good start. There are many remedies and another way to get help is finding a certified practitioner that uses flower remedies. You will need more than one brand of remedies in your mixture so make sure you find someone who works with more than one brand.

This is one of the ways I am managing anxiety in children with autism and without autism as well. Its not about the diagnosis, its about the symptoms. There are other challenges that can be worked on after this. But once you begin to see the anxiety resolve itself, his/her world will open up! And so will yours! If you have any questions, always feel free to contact me.

For more info visit here: flower remedies for autism