Working from home in times of COVID-19 is tricky – one minute you’re brimming with happiness and the next moment, you have an identity crisis. You feel you’re not doing enough. But let me tell you, you’re not alone. This phase is one of the most unpredictable and transformative pandemics till date – and it has unarguably altered the way we work and live.

From virtual meetings to energy-draining work hours and financial management, there’s a lot that needs to be taken care of. But wait, take a step back and talk to yourself – check your mental health. Are you feeling as fine as you tell your colleagues in the Monday morning? In spite of giving 12-hours to your productive self, do you think your hobbies are not getting as much attention as they could?

I get it. Mental health might be challenging – but it’s never a weakness. Here are a few activities you can take up to feel productive on a regular basis –

  • Meditate – Sounds too clichéd, right? Once you master it, there’s no going back. Everybody thinks of it as just a mindful approach to a healthier life. But meditation can certainly help individuals connect with their higher selves. Besides, it can create a shield against COVID-19 – remember, every good thing happens when you’re consistent!
  • Learn courses – Take certifications, online classes, learn from your peers, but learn. For example, if you’re a coder, learn SEO; or if you love fashion, take up that online course you’ve been wanting to take! This is one way you’d never sleep with an unsettling feeling. Stagnancy leads to anxiety and consequentially, it all boils down to bad mental health.
  • Get more involved at work – If you’re working, don’t look at the work hours, look at the scope of your work instead. This is the time when you can broaden your horizons and think about getting involved in projects you felt overwhelmed with. Take a few hours out to let the concepts sink in, and shine on!
  • Try to build a personal brand – If you’re someone who loves to be on social media, start building your profile on the platform – it could be anything from hacks, routine, a visual post or anything that you might like. This would help boost your confidence and act as a catalyst in your professional development.
  • Take up a new hobby – Remember how you wanted to teach kids a few years back? Now is the time. Virtual classes are helping kids learn every day – and you can be the change! There are many NGOs and non-profits asking for help, you might want to take this up on weekends!
  • Eat Healthy – As they rightly say, you are what you eat. Lethargy and sedentary lifestyle is adding up to stress and fatigue that the lockdown in causing, keeping a check on eating habits would help wonders in maintaining a sleep pattern and being even more productive.
  • Read! – Can’t focus enough on how reading can be your escape from almost everything. Take up a book, newspaper, magazine, or blog, but make sure you read something that adds value every SINGLE day. You’d start seeing a positive difference in yourself within a few weeks. I promise!
  • Let yourself be – Don’t force yourself to do something if your mind wants you to take a break. It’s absolutely okay to let your mind dawdle for a while. Make peace with the fact that not doing anything is doing something for yourself at the end of the day!

These times are tough coupled up with anxiety and pressure of falling sick and managing a lot of things together. Well, everyone who is not just handling the day-to-day chores but at the same time, thriving for a life transition, it’s only natural to be worn out right now. Put your mental health above everything else and you shall be good.