work from home and mental health

The advent of a digital transformation era has encouraged many companies to move to a work from home model for its employees and while this seems to be a bliss as you can avoid daily commute, remote work can also bring some draw backs. To help you to get the best out of your work from home scenario we will discuss 10 best tips fro well being when working from home.

Whether you are working from home, remotely or even on the road the way we live and work is always changing. Working in a changing environment can create worry and feelings of stress, uncertainty and loneliness which can have negative effect on your mental health.

How ever there are things you can do to stay mentally healthy in your workplace no matter where that is.

  • Routine : Keep to a routine with clear start and finish times in a designated workplace. Be sure to take regular breaks, get physical exercise and switch off after work.
  • Connect : If you are able to participate in opportunities that let you reconnect with co-workers. Schedule regular meets and catch ups either online or over the phone to maintain connections and stay in touch.
  • Reach Out : Always be on the look out for signs that someone is struggling, look for changes in communication and behavior. Are they posting less? are they answering calls? Is there a change in language and tone.

Many organisations provide free mental health support services, or your workplace may have an employee assistance program available. If you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious, seek support immediately.

10 Tips for Well Being When working from Home

  1. A morning routine helps to get you into the work mindset – exercise, meditate, tidy up, play a sport or do whatever works for you.
  2. Make a schedule and stick to it, be clear when you are going to work and when yo are going to stop.
  3. Set aside a designated space for working, this helps with work and home boundaries.
  4. Sit in a comfortable chair or try working at a stand up desk.
  5. Take breaks, set a timer and get away from your work space.
  6. Check in with your team and discuss outside work issues for some time and have fun conversations.
  7. An end of day routine helps you know you have finished work. Make sure to switch off and stop.
  8. Talking about expectations with the people at home will help make it work.
  9. You might be juggling child care and work, that is OK.
  10. Keep communicating when you feel alone, ask for what you need.

Now that you are well equipped with the best ways to be productive from home, you will be able to prove that working remotely is actually beneficial for everyone.