Stress levels can be controlled to a certain extent by your mindset. Doesn’t it seem odd that when you rush around in the morning, everything goes wrong? However, when you have plenty of time, everything runs like clockwork. This is because of your mindset.
On an average day, it is within your power to determine exactly how positive you feel. How you start your day is a huge determining factor in this. These simple lifestyle changes will make an incredible impact on your ability to manage stress at work.

1. No media in the bedroom

It is most likely true that you sleep with your phone close by. This prevents you from switching off before bed. Leave any phones or tablets outside of the bedroom and enforce a cut off time for touching them. 
Social media, emails and news shouldn’t be digested before bed as this media can send your mind to a negative place just before a night of sleep. Instead, read a relaxing book or meditate. 

2. Start your day with a cool shower

This doesn’t mean you should torture yourself with ice cold water, but taking a cooler shower first thing in the morning does wonders to help you prepare for the day. It increases the heart rate, your oxygen intake and alertness.

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3. Do a breathing exercise – Just five minutes

Time is precious. If we could buy it, it would be the most expensive item on the planet. However, taking time for yourself is often overlooked. Take five minutes after your cool shower to listen to relaxing music and practise deep breathing. You’ll find plenty of quick morning meditation routines online.

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4. Switch to a non caffeine drink

After taking up the above routine, you’re less likely to feel the need to scramble for a coffee first thing. Switch to a herbal tea infusion, or a black tea if this is an easier transition. Your body doesn’t actually need caffeine first thing in the morning, and by intaking it before your energy level dips, you cause havoc with your system.

As a goal-oriented person, you’ll be successful at making these lifestyle changes if you set yourself some targets and boundaries. for example, ban yourself from looking at your phone after 10pm and set a goal of 11.45am for your first morning coffee. These simple changes can make an enormous difference to your life.