health concerns

The buzzword for 2020 is the “COVID-19” pandemic outbreak! From endless community contaminations, deaths, to business losses, the invisible virus has led to heartbreaking losses. Currently, every nation is trying to work with partial lockdowns and social distancing norms and carry on its business operations. Stepping out of your house with masks and sanitizers has made people conscious 24×7. 

The new normal has given rise to both mental, emotional, and physical discomforts and irregularities. Since most of us have to get going with our job and daily errands, it is necessary to address the physical health concerns with proper guidelines. Do you resonate with the same? If yes, Marcus Debaise has some useful tips to share.

  1. Headaches and nausea

Most people following work-from-home orders are recording headaches and nausea. If you have stayed indoors mostly, there’s nothing to worry. Usually, headaches and nausea are signs of extreme stress, irregular food habits, lack of sleep, improper hydration, and indigestion. Due to the lockdown, we aren’t exposing ourselves to the sunlight and the external environment as before.

According to Marcus Debaise, this sudden change of lifestyle can affect the way our body functions. The best solution is to walk mildly in the garden space or sit at the balcony in the morning and soak in the morning sun rays. It is a potent source of vitamin D that helps the body. Additionally, make sure to eat light meals and stay hydrated.

  • Allergies and hair fall

Women currently are experiencing skin allergies and unwanted hair fall. While at the onset it might appear scary, you can relax and blame it all on the lockdown. A prolonged phase of stress usually triggers the body’s survival mode and makes 50% of the hair to shift to shedding mode. It usually happens three to four months after the initial stress occurrence. It is the reason why Marcus Debaise says that women are reporting more hair loss cases now. The same logic applies to allergies. The body is taking time to absorb the nutrients, and lack of exercise is affecting the body chemicals, which is leading to acne and allergies.

The obvious solution for this is to bring down the stress levels! Along with that, it is necessary to take the correct health and natural supplements after consulting a general physician. Biotin is a good supplement rich in vitamin B and helps in rejuvenating hair and skin.

  • Increased blood sugar and cholesterol

Did you opt-in for a blood test recently? And what you thought was a general blood test, might give you nightmares with high blood sugar and cholesterol in the report. Are your triglycerides through the roof? If so, you are not the only one.

Do you want to resolve this? If yes, then according to Marcus Debaise, you need to move out of the lockdown doom and monotony. If you have fallen prey to a sedentary lifestyle, you need to add adequate exercise, meditation, and body movement in your daily routine. Other than walking or working out for 30 minutes, you should keep your body moving and complete house errands.

The lockdown is leading to physical discomforts that are making life challenging! However, when you want to heal, there is a solution. The three-pointers mentioned above can have a cure for you.