One can determine the XXI century as “highly connected” one and it makes sense.  Today, people indeed have incredible opportunities for being “in touch” on a constant basis. However, they are so distracted one from the other as they were never before. Now, we experience the feeling of loneliness, misunderstanding, hostility more often than earlier and, it is an interesting thing, the biggest gap in mutual understanding, as well as the communicational transgression, are observed between the closest people! 

The reason seems to be quite evident: technologies play the bad joke with the people; they have erased the borders between the person’s life roles. We mean, today you still remain an employee with the multiple tasks even when your working time is over, you still should fulfill your obligation as a member of the community even in the late evening, you play the role of daughter/son, dad/mom without a right for a break and for your own life. 

If speaking the other words, you are under a permanent tension obstructing your personal well-being and family happiness as well. Being extremely overloaded with life issues, you, for sure, have the limited chances to experience live interaction with your spouse and children fully (like they do too).

Most likely, you know this way lead you and your family in nowhere but do not know what you should do to change the situation. If you are ready to say “No” to pressure in relations and “Yes” to life balance and healthy social interaction, continue reading and try to apply at least several from our 7 advices to your life.

Be Mentally Present Where Your Body Is

Are you consider the multifunctionality your professional and individual strength?  Do you associate it with productivity like many other people?  If yes, the first thing you should do to debunk this myth and become aware of the fact that indeed this ability is the primary source of stress, permanent pressure and the enemy of productivity. Being in multiple places during the day, we are not able to be fully present anywhere as well as fulfill any of the functions in the best manner.

To change the situation, try to think about the current task only and you will cope with it faster and in a more effective way. You will also gain emotional satisfaction from both the process and results – this effect is crucially needed for renewing your life balance. What is more important: your family, chief, friends will appreciate your full presence since it enhances their self-worthiness – human basic psychological need underlying the success in interpersonal communication.  

Switch Off Your Inner Superman

The most widespread thought of any workaholic are: “I should do this (regardless the time of a day)”,“One would not cope with this without my help”, “It’s my obligation”, If I do not then who?”. This list is endless but be sure, the world will not collapse if you take a pause just for the evening or weekend. Remember that the majority of the urgent issues could wait until morning, you are not able to solve everything regardless of your incredible dedication, you should share the responsibilities with the others. Becoming aware that you are not a superman or superwoman you will feel the freedom from a daily pressure, sense of guilt, needless fussiness and get more time for being with family. 

Practice The “Curing Loneliness”

How one can bring the balance in relationships if he /she has not the harmony inside? Apparently, nohow. So, start experiencing the curing loneliness. You can intentionally avoid transport and walk by foot more than you used to do. Here are few arguments: walking normalizes the work of your heart causing anti-stress effect and activate the work of your brain. When walking you are able to think in a more structured and effective manner.

It is important for analyzing your day or planning the next one, listening to your true feelings and setting life priorities. Walking is a universal way, indeed you know better what can bring you the minutes of sincerity with yourself, so you can practice any chosen activity as the way to recharge your energy and find the internal fulcrum.

Develop Empathetic Listening

We know that each person wants to be heard and daily try to imitate listening. Yes, it is not the erratum: we imitate, hear the words without pondering in their emotional background. It is not because we are bad persons; the reason is in the informational overloading blocking our ability to empathetic listening which is crucial for full-fledge warm and supportive relations. Thus, when listening, do not think how to respond just for the sake of response, be concentrated, observe the mimic and gesture, and look behind the words. Empathetic listening could help to overcome any gap in understanding, shed the light on the internal troubles of your dearest, and increase your effectiveness as a supporter.

Besides, it also deprives you of daily pressure since the source of stress is our excessive concentration on own worries and inability to disengage yourself from the compulsive thoughts. Listening to the others is the opportunity to reload your brain, refresh your emotional sources, and build successful relations as well. 

Do Not Wait For A Seethe: Release The Steam By Dozes

From day to day we are experiencing the diversity of emotions. The majority of them has strictly individual character and could not be expressed in public. At the same time, they do not disappear without a trace but are accumulated to become a nuclear bomb. To prevent an explosion, care about freeing the most challenging of them just after their appearing in your heart. You should have at least one confidant with whom you can share your fears, worries, doubts, disappointment.

You are a happy person if you can share with your spouse or parents, but there are cases when you need an outside evaluation, detached and unbiased, less emotional stand. When sharing with the dearest you make them pass through these emotions too, you double everything increasing the tension in relations, while the friend is able to perceive the same information in a more rational manner.    

Change The Scenery

Habits are an integral part of our daily life. It is not an easy task to break the way of living until you follow the accustomed algorithm within the same scenery. Daily routine promotes the stress and to recharge yourself you need a fresh emotional experience like your family to found the basis for harmony.

The best way of filling your energy’s reservoir is the shared family leisure time out of the home. Changed scenery it is not only the new impressions but the challenge for you and your closest to communicate on a new level, become closer.

More Hugs And Kisses

Psychologists claim that tactile contact is the most effective way to overcome stress, decrease the pressure of daily life and establish close spiritual contact. Apparently, there are different situations and different mood when you are tired and are not disposed to express your best feelings with hugs and kisses, but it is easy to cross the barriers.

You need just set the family hugs and kisses oriented tradition. In such way, you will create the basis for constant exchange with energy and establishing a supportive atmosphere.