An entrepreneur often has an enormous amount of work to get done and not enough time to do it. Having good time management skills is a must for any leader, especially one in charge of running their own business. Exemplifying proper time management will encourage employees to do the same and make your life easier and less hectic. Here are some tips for cultivating good time management habits.


There are always a million tasks that require your attention as an entrepreneur, but not all of them are equally important. Find a way that works for you to determine which things to prioritize; one way is to create a list and sort tasks by the consequences of not completing them. This way, you can narrow your focus and create a manageable workload for yourself instead of trying to do everything at once and not accomplishing vital tasks.


When looking at the totality of what needs to be completed, tasks can seem overwhelming. It can be challenging to discern the best way to arrive at your desired result; simplifying things down to individual tasks that are straightforward and accomplishable lets you quickly accomplish components of a larger goal. This will make you more efficient and give your brain a break from having to analyze problems.

Delegate and Automate

As you work to expand and maintain your business, there will be more and more repetitive tasks to complete; it’s essential to know when to give these duties to employees so you can focus on higher-priority ones. It may also be possible to outsource specific jobs to freelancers, which is a great option for anything you don’t have in-house talent for, as well. Make sure you also look into software that can create automatic processes to shorten the time your team spends on things like email lists and calculations.

Taking these steps will help you decrease your workload and up your efficiency, leaving you more time to create big-picture goals for your business. Make sure you also build in break times to give yourself the space to prioritize and build the larger picture of your business.