People find it extremely hard to maintain their wellness and wellbeing with extended lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic.The news of the virus devastating the economy across the globe, and with no cure or vaccine in sight, people are finding it tough to overcome anxiety and stress. The difficulties of adjusting to the restricted lifestyle resulting from measures like quarantine and physical distancing are driving people to the brink as they try to find ways to cope with it.  Maintain good mental health to overcome the pandemic’s challenge. It will give clarity in thoughts and enable you to react to any emergency with a positive attitude. This will help you to support your family, friends, and colleagues who might need immediate help.

Ram Duriseti believes the right frame of mind will help you develop new habits that suit the new lifestyle and mitigate the stress to ensure your wellbeing.Here are some tips in this article that can help you to maintain mental poise.

Focus on cleanliness and body care, says Ram Duriseti

Your goal must be to protect yourself against the coronavirus and free yourself from the fears surrounding it. Maintain proper hygiene by cleaning your hands frequently with sanitizer or soap.Sanitize the surfaces to reduce the virus’s chances of spreading through it. Personal hygiene is critical in the fight against the virus, and it will make you confident in focusing more on your body to stay healthy. Exercise regularly to maintain fitness and eat a balanced diet to ensureyou sleep and rest well.   

Exercise and stay active

Good mental health originates from a healthy body. Exercising regularly or engaging in some physical activities are the best ways to stay fit when the scope of movement and mobility remains restricted. To maintain movement and mobility indoors, start doing exercises that are easy to perform without any equipment or resources. Begin your day by doing some sit-ups and other stretching exercises that you can learn from various YouTube videos and other free resources. Be creative with the workouts to suit the situation and circumstances and, if needed, use household items like wine bottles like barbels.

Avoid damaging coping strategies

Be courageous to hold the bull by the horns instead of finding some soft solution when dealing with stress and anxiety. Avoid the trap of taking to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, hoping for temporary relief, which can cause more damage. You will be jumping from fire to frying pan in your bid to overcome fear and anxiety.

Seek accurate information

The constant stream of COVID19 information flowing from numerous sources, most of which are unverified, is the greatest source of distress as it only adds to the confusion. Handle information carefully by relying solely on information from governments and other authentic sources.Discard anything that seems to come from unverified sources. Consume limited information that is useful for you and filter out anything irrelevant.

Stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues with whom you can speak out your mind to stay free from stress.