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Last night a friend called me to ask me if I was ‘really’ OK? My response was ‘of course, why wouldn’t I be?’

You see, my husband was taken into hospital a week ago and I have been told he may not come home. 

Let me put this into context for you. My husband was born with Cystic Fibrosis and had a life saving double lung transplant 16 years ago this May. He was told the average lifespan of a bi-lateral lung transplant recipient is 6 years, so he is made of tough stuff. Last April he was admitted to hospital and spent a month there with a severe chest infection and I was told to ready myself 3 times! He made it but his kidneys failed and he has been on dialysis ever since.

Last Tuesday whilst on dialysis his obs dropped significantly and he was rushed to hospital by ambulance as a priority 1…terrifying in the current climate!

It was not Covid 19 – he has pneumonia, anemia, liver failure and a painful skin infection caused by the drugs he is on. He signed a DNR and the doctor called me to say – ready yourself.

A week later and he is stable and getting stronger and I am making adjustments to the house for downstairs living so that he can come home in a couple of weeks.

I have been sharing my story on Facebook and people have felt inspired, but obviously some are still thinking – ‘how on earth can she be OK?’

But I am OK. I have spent a lifetime creating a positive mindset that enables me to just deal with things. Eleven years ago I went from a place of abundance to rock bottom due to a relentless series of unfortunate events, which I share in my book ‘The Life I Won’. I ended up in social housing, with £30 in my bank and an old banger of a car.

I tell my story in my latest book.

Since then I have worked hard every day to create a state of being and acceptance, always forgiving easily, always grateful for every small thing and always creating a vision for my future.

Last year I was able to buy my 4 bedroom dream home in beautiful Northumberland for cash. Not bad for a single mum in social housing! But I am no different to you. I just invested the time and effort into building a really strong mindset and vision and made it happen. My new BIG vision is to buy a castle in Scotland beside a Loch where I can run creative retreats! I don’t do small!

I believe that every single one of us has this capacity when we put the focus and energy into it.

If this inspires you then you can read my story in my book by clicking here or go a step further and sign up to my new 21 Day Mindset Transformation course. Both are available on the link in addition to a FREE training on ‘Recognising Opportunity right Now’.

I know that you can be an awesome light in this Universe and thrive in times of adversity, you may just need a little inspiration?

Love & colour

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