I have always considered it a gift to be able to manifest what I desired during my life. Many of my dreams became reality and many of my goals were achieved.  The experience of nurturing a dream from seed to flower has always filled me with joy and excitement. I made dreams to reality; I lived in the countries which I loved, travelled to amazing places, lived in beautiful houses and drove nice cars.  From one achievement to the next, I felt that there was still more for me to grow inside, so I set out on the quest of self-discovery. I wanted to know myself on a deeper level. This journey carried me to faraway places to study, practice and learn from many masters, healers and medicine men and women. 

Even though I was able to manifest in my own way, some of my teachers and guides taught me a more disciplined and conscious way to create my desired reality and to manifest ideas into material world. I learned about the power of the mind and the heart, and how to speak to our senses and deepest subconscious with our senses to create our desired reality. Let me tell you, it has worked so well for me over these years.

Think of it this way.  We are living in a matrix of possibilities, which are all available to us at the same time. With this framework in mind, take a moment to reflect on the saying, ‘be careful of what you wish for’ This cliché warns about consequences and the outcome of our desires. Maybe you have experienced something like this: the job that you tried so hard to get, becomes an energy vampire that sucks you dry. Someone whom we loved madly and wished to be with ended as a disaster. Or, maybe it is not the desired thing itself that doesn’t turn out unexpectedly but rather it is the consequences that flow from it.  For example, I remember the very first job I got in Auckland, New Zealand. It made me very happy and excited, but I had to work late nights and weekends which made it very difficult as I had to leave my 11 Year old daughter by herself, or with friends.

The realization that I got from experiences like the job in Auckland is that some of our decisions affect not only our own life but also affect our family, friends, our community or our environment in a profound way. This happens often when we consider ourselves alone when we manifest our desires without thinking about the people around us or the long term consequences. This can be a down side of manifestation—the unintended consequences. I learned that in creating reality our ego can easily trick us with its needy, greedy nature and never-ending selfish desires. How many times have we experienced or witnessed that people with material success or high status are not necessarily happy or fulfilled in their lives?  We may even find them miserable.

It took me so many years to deeply understand and experience the real magic of manifestation. 

I now realize how to make the best choice and create beauty. A great lesson that I like to share with you, the lesson learned also from medicine men and women in shamanic tradition. 

In my shamanic practice we manifest with aligning our desire for the highest good. We start from there then we narrow it down to all our relations, including our planet, our country, our people, our community, our family and then ourselves. We know the outcome will benefit not just us but the entire web that connects us. This is the secret of alchemy, to see the bigger picture and create from there. In this way we know ego isn’t tricking us. We create harmony and beauty in our manifestation process.

Shamans in South America speak of the concept in Ayni.  Anyi in Quechua (the language of the Inca) means harmony. We will have fulfilling happy lives when we live in Ayni—harmony in all our relations. Relationship with ourselves, with our brothers and sisters, with our Mother Earth, all plants, and animals, all the beings.

We teach and practice this powerful manifestation magic in our online course. The results that we have had in the past have been phenomenon. If you would like to know more about our upcoming course, please visit us on our website and other social media.

Let’s manifest with ease and grace aligned with the highest good.