I started following the @ManifestationBabe, Kathrin Zenkina, on Instagram several months ago, and have been struck by her talent in sharing tips on manifestation while demystifying any of the “woo-woo” around it. Kathrin herself is living proof of her work – in just three short years, she’s gone from living on her grandmother’s couch to running a multi-million dollar business, all due to manifestation alone. Now, she’s on a mission to help others tap into their innate ability to manifest the lives of their dreams.

In this interview, we talk manifesting money, how to practice visualization, and how her Rich Babe Academy can get you to the next level.

HHS: What is a common misconception about the ability to manifest money?

KZ: I find that the most common misconception that people have about manifesting money is that manifesting money works differently than manifesting anything else.

Because of how taboo the topic of money has become in our society, along with all of the conditions, beliefs, and rules that have existed for centuries that we still follow and hold onto, we make manifesting money almost impossible.

However, it takes the same effort on an energetic level to manifest $1 as it does to manifest $1,000,000, and yet, that’s probably hard for you to believe BECAUSE we were taught that the more money you want, the harder you’ll have to work to have it, or worse—be lucky enough to experience a windfall of it at some random moment in your life.

Manifesting money is about shifting your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around money to reflect what you WANT to experience financially rather than what you DON’T want to experience. Via the Law of Attraction, when you focus on how hard it is to manifest money, well, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. If you believe it’s hard to come by, only flows to certain people, or there’s a limited amount of it, then of course it’ll be tricky to manifest it.

HHS: How do you align manifesting money with putting your purpose into the world?

KZ: The primary belief that I have about the word “purpose” is that we have more than one. In fact, WAY more than one. The term “life purpose” has become a buzzword in the self-development world and now everyone is searching for theirs.

The thing is, your life purpose doesn’t have much to do with what you’re actually DOING. It has more to do with who you’re BEING. It’s possible to be following your life purpose by doing many things—if not ALL the things that bring you joy in life.

The way I’ve come to this conclusion is by realizing that there were MANY different times in my life when I felt I was following my calling, my purpose, and my life mission. I was following my purpose when I was in school studying to become a doctor, when I was coaching others on their health & fitness journey, and now teaching others how to manifest an extraordinary life by transforming their mindsets.

How is it possible that I’ve been following my life purpose doing all 3 of those things? It’s because your purpose has less to do with what you’re DOING and more about who you’re BEING. If you’re proud of who you are and you’re loving your life… you’re ALREADY following your life purpose. It’s that simple.

Now bringing money (another hot topic) into this mix, you can manifest money in ENDLESS ways. Literally, there are no limits because money is just ENERGY. Manifesting money is less about specifically what you’re doing, and more about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs around money that determine how much you will or won’t make.

Since money is just energy, the work really lies in  becoming a match to money on an energetic level rather than implementing hard work and hustle into your daily routine.

That being said, it’s way more fun to manifest money doing what you love than what you despise. It’s way more fulfilling to manifest money through your passions, interests and obsessions, than just a routine 9-5 job someone else created for you. I’ve found that when you’re following your joy and doing what you love (look into your current hobbies), the money flows much faster and with so much less resistance into your bank account.

Since money is just energy, the work really lies in  becoming a match to money on an energetic level rather than implementing hard work and hustle into your daily routine.


HHS: What do participants learn in the Rich Babe Academy?

KZ: Rich Babe Academy is a 6-week course created to help participants reclaim their relationship with money and unlock financial abundance for life.

This program is designed to completely reshape the way participants think about, earn, save, spend, and most importantly, attract money. They learn to rewire and recreate their money story on a deep subconscious level, breakthrough all their limiting money beliefs, create a financial vision that the Universe gets behind, let go of all the shame and guilt they have around money, the 12 Universal Laws around money, and learn to embody the Rich Babe version of themselves for the rest of their life.

It’s a 6-week program that I jam packed with EVERYTHING I know and have learned on my journey going from being completely broke living on my grandma’s couch, to becoming a self-made multi-millionaire in 3 short years.

HHS: If someone’s new to visualization, what would you tell them to do?

KZ: Visualization is a fun experience for some, and a frustrating activity for others. For the longest time I couldn’t understand why some of my students could easily sit down and do a 5-minute visualization exercise and see everything on their vision boards crystal clear as if they are living it, while others couldn’t see ANYTHING and thought that there was something wrong with them.

After getting certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I learned that people visualize and experience life through different modalities. Some of us are visual, some are auditory, and the rest are kinesthetic. Depending on how YOU perceive, learn, and experience life, a visualization session may be hearing sounds, seeing pictures (like mental movies), or just feeling emotions and feelings that reflect how you’d feel when you’re living your dream life. Maybe it’s a combination of two or three of the modalities rather than just visualization alone.

I remind my students that visualization is ultimately about tapping into the FEELING of already having achieved your goal, desire or dream. So if you’re visual, take a moment to close your eyes for a few minutes and play a running movie where you are the star of the show and you JUST achieved one of your goals. As you play the movie, tap into the feeling of already having achieved the goal and really hold onto and attach to this positive feeling. Since feelings are frequencies that we emit from our bodies, this is the most powerful way to really “put out” a strong vibration into the Universe that we want the Law of Attraction to act upon.

If you’re auditory and visualize through sounds, practice hearing what will be said to you or what you will say to others when your goal is achieved, and then again, see what feelings that brings up for you. Dwell on those positive feelings with your eyes closed for just 5 minutes per day.

And if you’re kinesthetic? Boom! You can just tap right into the feeling, sit in that state for 5 minutes, and you will have had a powerful visualization session without having had actually “seen” anything at all.

Overall, visualization is a very personal experience and is experienced differently by everyone. Follow your intuition on what feels good and know that it is very hard to get it “wrong.”

HHS: People LOVE quick and easy fixes and become frustrated when manifesting takes a while. What’s the quickest you’ve ever manifested something, and what took the longest?

KZ: Ah, yes. Quick fixes are awesome, but unfortunately spoil all the fun when it comes to manifestation. My favorite quote about patience comes from the book, A Course In Miracles, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”  I absolutely LOVE this quote because manifestation isn’t about quick fixes. It’s about developing so much belief and certainty in the manifestation of your desires that you have all the patience in the world. In fact, you’re so busy appreciating and loving your current life knowing that all that you desire is already on its way to you, that you don’t even bother stressing about WHEN the manifestations are coming.

The quickest thing I’ve ever manifested is something I do on a regular basis—having my hotel be ready when I arrive before the designated check-in time, or a restaurant seating us right away even when there’s a 60 minute wait time. My husband and I NEVER make reservations because we’re so good at manifesting this.

The longest thing? A $1,000,000 launch for my courses. I’ve made several millions of dollars now in the short duration of my business, but never all at once in a single launch. I think I’m too attached to it and not as patient as I should be, which is why it’s taking the longest.

HHS: What do you do DAILY to raise your frequency?

KZ: I’ve had a pretty consistent morning and evening routine for the last two years that I absolutely love because it always does the trick in raising my frequency.

Every morning I wake up my husband and ask him what 5 things he’s grateful for. After listening to his answers, I will list 5 things that I am grateful for. Then I’ll either grab my phone to play an inspirational, positive podcast/audiobook,  or pick up an actual self-development book and read 10-15 pages to fuel my mind with. This is what I love to call my morning #MindFood.

Once I’ve finished fueling my mind, I will sit in a meditation or write in my journal for 10-15 minutes to get my mind crystal clear, set my intentions, and reflect on what I want to manifest that day. This morning routine helps me start my day with a bang.

In the evening I have another routine. First I’ll ask my husband what his 3 wins were for that day. After listening to his answer, I’ll list what my 3 wins were. Then I’ll spend my last 5 minutes of my night visualizing my dreams and desires as if they’ve already come true. I will play a mental movie in my mind as I’m falling asleep to imprint my subconscious mind on exactly what I want it to work on and attract into my life while I sleep. I learned this trick from Dr. Wayne Dyer and it has been so tremendously helpful in manifesting my biggest goals.

HHS: Where can readers learn more about your work?

KZ: You can learn more about my work at www.manifestationbabe.com. Check out some of my free resources like the Manifestation Babe Facebook group of 55,000 members, Manifestation Babe podcast, or my signature programs, Manifestation Babe Academy and Rich Babe Academy, and my 21-day book to help you manifest your first $1,000 in 21 days.

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