Abraham-Hicks once stated,

“Every time you say, ‘I appreciate that. I really like that. I applaud that. I acknowledge the value in that.’ Every time you do that, you spend some of your Energy, and it is the spending of the Energy that creates a vacuum, so to speak, or an attraction, so to speak, that draws more and more and more and more.”

Excerpted from Chicago, IL on 11/2/97

Our gratitude become a vacuum for what we appreciate. 

I love this imagery.  I repeat here, almost on a weekly basis, how like attracts like and I believe this vacuum imagery helps to define just how powerful that magnetic force of your state of mind really is in creating experiences in your life.

You have created the life you are experiencing through your energetic vacuum. 

If you’re happy with your life…awesome!

If you want something to change, your mindset must shift in order to create something new. 

Gratitude achieves this shift. 

Gratitude is the fastest way to shift your energy because we simply can’t be upset and grateful at the same time.  

And it is possible to feel over joyously happy and thrilled about your life. 

A few years ago, I partnered people up with a gratitude partner called their gratitude guru to start a daily text of gratitude to share with each other. I received stories of amazing relationships being born and incredible manifestations achieved. 

I, myself, just completed a daily 30 day challenge with an amazing group of women where we posted our gratitude daily for 30 days. The results were incredible. I manifested so many incredible people, things and experiences into my life that I wanted to offer this same experience here for you. 

Join me in my new Facebook group, Manifesting through Gratitude.

Gratitude has the power to completely shift our personal lives as well as our world.

Together we will create manifesting energy that will bring some major shifts and bring in all that your heart desires.

You will bring in more of what you focus on and this page will help you to remain accountable to your daily practice of gratitude.

Aside from the sheer joy it produces, gratitude work brings you into alignment with the energetic frequency of all that you want to manifest in your life so as you become more grateful, you will also attract more of what your want into your life.

When we feel grateful, our energy attracts even more to be grateful for into our life.  

But, let’s be honest, sometimes this state can feel hard to reach when we’ve been in a tough place.

Join me for this week’s meditation A gratitude meditation for manifesting

Today’s meditation will help you find gratitude for the mundane and incredible in your life and will help you to obtain a state of mind that will assist you in manifesting everything you want in your life.

I can’t wait to hear about all that you manifest and how much your life begins to shift with your gratitude practice. 

Like attracts like. Begin to vacuum in the very things that will light you up! 

Much love,