Demotivation can arise for a number of reasons, especially when there is a major financial crisis that affects the plans and objectives already outlined. Therefore, knowing how to maintain motivation in times of crisis or in any other situation, is essential for any entrepreneur who wants the success of his company.

Why is motivation important?

If there is no motivation, all that effort to see the business thrive seems exhausting, without purpose and with no perspective. This compromises your life as an entrepreneur and also other areas of life, since demotivation seems to infect everything we do.

So if you are feeling unmotivated, with no expectations for the future of your business and no desire to continue entrepreneurship, here are 5 tips shared by entrepreneur and founder of DigiX Solution Media, Manish Yadav to keep you motivated in times of crisis.

Tips for staying motivated in times of crisis

Be more motivated and safer to undertake by putting into practice these 5 tips by Manish on how to maintain motivation in times of crisis.

1. Establish a purpose as an entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs define a purpose for the company or business, but forget to think of their own purpose as an entrepreneur.

What do you want to undertake? What are your goals in entrepreneurship? Answer these and other questions to find out what your life purpose is and as an entrepreneur.

Having beliefs, ideals, dreams, goals and purpose, will assist in your motivation to work, achieve new things, always go beyond what you can and not be accommodated.

2. Celebrate even small achievements

There is no right time to celebrate. In fact, you shouldn’t wait for a big achievement to happen before finally celebrating.

All victories are cause for celebration, so face life with more positivity, happiness and celebrate all the achievements of your entrepreneurial life.

This applies to things that are really simple, but important to your company, such as creating an incredible logo, a customer’s first contact , planning a new strategy, among others.

Living and celebrating these small achievements is one of the most important premises of how to maintain motivation in times of crisis.

After all, in this period the conquests become smaller and smaller, but you should not stop celebrating.

3. Set short-term goals

Yes, you aim for long-term success, establish your company in the market little by little and do not focus on making money fast.

But when there is a moment of great uncertainty, it is important to take it one step at a time. So, set goals to meet in the short term.

By reaching those goals that don’t depend so much on the medium or long term, you and your team will be more motivated to reach new goals. This is critical to maintaining motivation.

4. Make your job more fun

Motivation can be lost by the simple fact that work becomes monotonous, dull and even boring.

Therefore, you must make your work more fun, dynamic and enjoyable. That way, your motivation will always be there and you will be able to achieve your goals with much more quality.

To make work more fun you can make small changes to your company’s day-to-day activities, such as putting on a nice little song so it won’t disturb anyone.

Other ideas are to set short breaks for distraction and relaxation or to meditate before or after a day at work.

5. Share your insecurities in your network

The networking goes beyond finding good opportunities for your business. This network of contacts can also assist as a support in times of great insecurity.

In that case, talk to your contacts about your demotivation and see how many entrepreneurs feel the same way.

Know that this feeling is not just yours, everyone feels unmotivated or insecure at any given time.

So share that feeling, get help from your contacts and also be willing to help

Manish Yadav, a serial entrepreneur from Kanpur, UP has established a company named ‘DigiX Solution Media‘ in the year 2018, which is expected to be one of the best digital marketing agencies in India in the future. His experiences include work such as bringing Internet functional ideas and digital strategic planning. His company promotes brands, Influencers, events, etc through social media marketing. On today‚Äôs date, they have worked with 500+ brands worldwide.