Marc Effron

Marc Ryan Effron is a successful entrepreneur, who is now dedicating his life to helping others. He is well known for being the co-founder of the Legacy Healing Center. The foundation is one of the world’s most renowned addiction facility. 

Marc was born and brought up in Swampscott Mass. He lived with his mother and stepfather. His parents divorced when Marc was young and both remarried. The divorce of Marc’s parents impacted him emotionally. Despite this, Marc went on and did well at school and quickly began rising up the corporate ladder.

Being a vice president of a major investment firm in his early twenties, it would appear Marc had it all. However, a lack of fulfilment, something perhaps that stemmed from his childhood, became overwhelming to him. So much so, that he could no longer stand it and turned to substance abuse to numb the feeling.

By age 30, Marc lost everything including his family, job, and became homeless on the street. He knew he had to get his pieces together and get up again. Marc then visited several treatment centres and finally stood up again. During this journey, he identified a huge gap in the market and finally found what he needs to do. He knew he had to help those facing similar difficulties with a different approach to healing.

He opened his treatment facility through a pilot program of just three beds, based out of South Florida. Soon after then, Legacy Healing Center quickly grew to support over 155 beds and employ over 200 well looked after staff. Legacy Healing Center also supports a multi-state treatment program that expands out of South Florida as well. The treatment facility contracts with companies such as American Airlines to provide corporate mental health training.

Marc still remembers a time when he sat in his office as VP of the financial company but was struggling personally. Marc has given his all in the service of others. This was the dream that Marc and his partners had when bringing the facility to life. He vividly remembers waking up in treatment after another failed attempt at sobriety. He remembers the feelings of hopelessness that came with having to look in the mirror. Those are still very real to him even today when he looks in the mirror at the perfectly put-together reflection that he sees. He has not forgotten where he came from but continues to move forward being the man that he was destined to be.