When people are amidst a crisis, it is not easy to maintain a good lifestyle. The anxieties regarding unforeseen circumstances, apprehension regarding family and finance plays havoc with mental wellbeing. Due to excessive stress, there is a disturbance in the patterns of sleeping and eating. Thus, under such adversity, many people ignore symptoms of ill health that they see within them.

Although, most of the time, symptoms are benign and do not require medical aid. However, sometimes prolonged illness can be fatal. It is essential to take prompt action when you or a dear one suffers from any health issues that cause a sudden change in health.

While some of them may be reluctant to visit the emergency ward due to the current situation, they must understand that health care clinics continue to be a safe place for undertaking treatment even during such unprecedented times. Here are a few health issues that one should not disregard as explained by Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft

Severe and prolonged headache

Headache is one of the most common conditions among people. Most people suffer from a headache that occurs due to stress, lack of water in the body, or change in sleeping patterns. Headaches range from mild to severe and do not always require medical aid. However, some headaches are a result of prevalent underlying conditions that may be serious. A sudden severe headache might be a sign of some severe ailment. It is also known as thunderclap headache and maybe a result of bleeding within the brain or a hemorrhage. Another type of headache that results from stress and does not cease after a fortnight might probe a severe health issue, especially when the pain is unusual.

Sudden discomfort and tightness in the chest

The sudden feeling of discomfort, tightness, or crushing of the chest can have diverse symptoms, ranging from something insignificant such as indigestion and stress to something critical such as a heart attack or muscle contraction. Intense discomfort can be due to a cardiovascular issue that the patient must not ignore. Although the times are uncertain and many people opt for homely treatments, such intense symptoms demand emergency services, says Marc Ravenscroft. Also, chest pain can be a symptom of respiratory issues, and you might have contracted COVID 19. Therefore, it is necessary to find an immediate diagnosis and take action.

Prevalent fever that does not come down

One of the most prevalent causes of fever is a bacterial infection or virus. When you have a fever that lasts long, it means that your body is trying to combat an underlying problem. Fever and chills are also symptoms of the novel coronavirus. In case your fever is accompanied by a breathing problem, loss of appetite, and chills, you must seek immediate help. Telemedicine services are quite useful during the pandemic where you can consult your healthcare provider over the internet. If you have symptoms of a high fever that cease to exist, you may have a severe health issue, and you must seek immediate consultation from a doctor.

Brain fog and difficulty to focus

Although confusion and brain fogging may sometimes result from stress and might cause difficulty to focus, behavioral issues accompanied by confusion and dizziness might result from a severe ailment, such as stroke, blood pressure issues, or wrong medication. Therefore, one must take prompt action to a sudden change in behavior along with bewilderment among individuals. One must seek telemedicine services since doctors are not always available during COVID19.