Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft

Health drinks are not a new fad – they have been around for many years. Patients who suffer from different health issues including loss of appetite, digestive problems, swallowing difficulties, and cancer, are often advised to consume them. These drinks have even emerged as sources of energy, acting as an alternative to caffeinated beverages. They provide your body with nutrients that can help you stay well and boost your immune system while you are stuck at home quarantining. This industry has seen a boom in times of immense stress, and for good reason.

Marc Mitchell Ravenscroft explains the benefits of nutrient-dense drinks 

All health drinks, regardless of the method of advertisement or flavor, have some things in common. For one, they all aim to provide premium nutritional content.

  • Marc Ravenscroft suggests that people who do not get an adequate amount of protein, minerals, vitamins, and calcium from their daily diet can supplement with health drinks. Such drinks, like protein and sports drinks, come in many varieties for different people with varying needs. It is important to note that while these drinks cannot act as a substitute for regular meals daily, they can be taken alongside a normal diet for best results.
  • People suffering from different ailments can take these drinks as they are a good source of nutrients. Often, doctors prescribe such health beverages to patients suffering from diabetes, thyroid issues, and more. Along with your daily medicine, you can consume these beverages for extra energy needed to fight any disease.
  • Most health drinks are safe for children, but if you are ever concerned about potential side effects, it is always advised to consult your pediatrician before supplementing a child’s diet with anything other than food and water. There are drinks that target different aspects of growth, ranging from an emphasis on protein to calcium to vitamins, etc. You can choose a drink according to your child’s specific needs. Even during a pandemic, most health food and drugstores carry health drinks, including CVS and Rite Aid.
  • Some of these drinks are inexpensive. You can utilize these beverages to cut costs when needed. They are a good source of nutrients that come at affordable prices. In a continuously changing market, when prices of essential goods are soaring, these drinks can be used to stretch your money as thin as possible.
  • Some of these drinks are high in protein. Not everyone needs extremely high protein in their diet. You should avoid such beverages if you are suffering from kidney-related diseases or high cholesterol. It is always best to source your daily share of nutrients from whole food products as much as possible. It is important to keep in mind that these health drinks are not for everyone!

Though nutritional drinks come with many different benefits, you should always do your research and be demanding when it comes to picking the right beverage for your unique needs. Always look at the ingredients and nutritional content first before buying anything to supplement your diet.