E-commerce, which can be carried out on laptops, tablets or smartphones, can be viewed as a digital equivalent of shopping for mail-order catalogs. Via e-commerce purchases, including books, music, plane tickets, and financial services such as stock investing and internet banking, almost all imaginable products and services are available. In “Project Wifi” Marcello Cantu and his team have tapped into America’s most prominent online marketplace to sell nationally and globally.

For some, e-commerce can be a hard concept to understand, so here’s some context detail. A business model that enables businesses and individuals to buy and sell stuff over the internet is electronic commerce or e-commerce. It operates in all four of the following main segments of the market: business to business, business to industry, consumer to consumer, and business to consumer. It has made it possible for Marcello Cantu and “Project Wifi” to grow exponentially with many market segments to reach.

Marcello Cantu and his team over at “Project Wifi” have made it possible for other people to enjoy a source of passive income at the fraction of the time cost that a regular job would require. They believe that if everyone had a second stream of income that it would help relieve a lot of mental stress that financial problems cause for many individuals in today’s age. It is reported that “About one-third of workers report high levels of stress. This can create a burden for employers in health care costs, periods of disability, absenteeism, job turnover and poor productivity.” Money is more stressful than work and relationships on their own and “Project Wifi” knows this. If everyone were to take the time and invest in “Project Wifi” to get their own source of passive income there would be a drastic decrease in stress for that individual.

E-commerce, especially if you’re trying to do it alone can be a scary realm to navigate. Luckily, to help tackle all this, Marcello Cantu and “Project Wifi” are here. If the only thing which is being traded for money in your life has been time, you’ve been making a mistake. Today, more than ever, there should be evidence that a source of passive income is important in the lives of everyone. It can relieve financial burden and clear one’s headspace. With a sense of relief that your money is now making you money instead of your time making money, there will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

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