When most people think of meditation, they think of relaxation. Marco Champion knows through experience that in addition to relaxation, meditating can help you focus your energy and achieve your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. He shares some of the life-changing benefits of meditation that he has noticed in his own life.

Finding Your Higher Calling. Meditation changed Champion’s life by helping him find his higher calling. In turn, that let him know what direction to take his future businesses and plans. As he explains, “Through meditation, I tapped into my higher calling that pulls me to progress on my mission every day.”

Motivating and Driving Success. Meditation helps you stay motivated and ready to achieve your goals. It pushes you to continue moving forward. Marco Champion describes the driving force for who he is and his accomplishments as “meditation or connecting with my higher self.”

Generating New Ideas. Not only can meditation give you the initial push and keep you motivated to succeed, but it can help you generate new ideas for more success. Champion’s primary methods of generating new ideas are “masterminding and meditation.”

Getting Through Challenges. Meditation can also deliver life-changing results by giving you the push, motivation, or assistance you need to overcome challenges. Champion describes that “motivational audios pushed me through the hard times,” and this can be easily combined with meditation.

Creating the Right Mindset. Meditation can also help you create the right mindset to achieve success. When asked if he thinks anyone can accomplish similar things, Champion responds, “Yes, 1000%. With the right mindset and business strategy, anything is possible.”

For Marco Champion, meditation is just one of several practices that helps him achieve and maintain his success. He also encourages anyone looking to achieve similar results as him to work hard and focus their time and energy solely on developing skills and their future. He says, “work extremely hard, sacrifice sleep, party, entertainment. With personal and business development every day. Successful people have created habits to ensure that they progress every day and through this have developed high levels of belief.”

Given that meditation has played such a key role in Marco Champion’s success, from finding his higher calling to helping him generate new ideas, it is no surprise that he feels it has life-changing benefits. Given that Champion uses his success to spread positivity, such as via iLegendz, meditation can be life-changing even for those around you.