The way you think equals to the way you feel, and the way you act and show up equals to the way you get results. Therefore, if you are passionate about changing your life and your business, then you have to change your thoughts first- yes, it’s all about mindset. Everyone seems to love the six-figure mindset, but nobody seems to make it actionable. 

Become A Successful 6 Figure Mindset Expert From Within

Marcos Razzetti is a millennial who is part of the group of entrepreneurs that you have never heard of- The BlueHackers. Marcos has managed to run his six figure business while maintaining a healthy body and mind relationship. But how does one set himself from within to achieve a healthy entrepreneurial mindset?

  • Be the change you want to see- Sometimes it was hard for Marcos to run a team. The most difficult moments came at a time when the team failed consistently to achieve the goals he set for them. Therefore he had to step up and do it himself for the team to see. By changing himself, his team has also learned to adjust and perform. The excellent performance brings peace of mind and a healthy mind. 
  • Believe in starting small and building up from there- Sometimes, our minds fail to believe that it’s possible to grow from ‘small’ to ‘very big.’ Can you imagine earning 10k a day from making 10k a month? Many may not believe that it can happen. Marcos faced the same problem by thinking that a certain amount of money was a lot when it was not. But when he chose to believe in himself, starting small and growing to what his mind believes, he overcame this challenge. 
  • Stop worrying and complaining- The moment you stop worrying and complaining about your failures is the day you will develop your mindset. Worry will make you be in the dilemma of either spending your money on a specific project or using it in a way that benefits your business. Therefore stop worrying and blaming others for your failure. Worrying and complaining is a health hazard to your entrepreneurial dream. 

Your Mindset Can Make Or Break You

If you train your mind to become successful, then you will be mentally healthy. Mindset involves changing what we trust, and no person can do it for you other than yourself. Marcos has learned to take the initiative and push himself through the comfort zone. If you train your mind to persist, work hard, and taking action, finally, that is what you become. You will eventually reach success in your business. 

Also, train yourself to get in love with numbers to know how to do more of what’s working. Always be thankful, plan, be consistent, and think smart. You are what you think you are! Be positive; your mindset can make or break you.  

The Mental Breakthrough Challenge

Stress-related illness and mental fatigue can be real, especially with a six-figure mindset. Often, you will have significant as well as bad days in your business. Your business progress may cause your mind to continually filter and bring to your attention information and stimuli that affirms your preexisting beliefs as well as presenting you with repeated thoughts and impulses that mimic and mirror that which you have done in the past. However, it is always right to breakthrough your challenge. 

When it is a bad day, for Marcos, he rather use his “bad days” as a driving force to succeed by giving it a meaning to get closer to his goal instead of using it as an excuse to stay in and lay in bed depressed.

Change Your Mindset

For Marcos to live a healthy entrepreneurial life, he had first to change his mindset. And today, he commands a massive following of over 250k on Instagram and 10k subscribers on Youtube. Therefore, if you want to go far or want to enjoy a healthy entrepreneurial life, then you have to change your mindset to a six-figure mindset. 

It is true that people do the same things and think the same way and expect different results. It’s time to think bigger and step up the game. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.