In a merciless world where only the fittest survive, some extraordinary individuals go out of their way to spark positive emotions in such a ruthless environment. These are the people who make it their life’s mission to make a difference and encourage waves of positivity in the world by igniting passion and enkindling innovation. Determined to tip the scale and help others to find a sure footing in the world, Marcus Crenshaw, a.k.a. Coolest CEO, and Damien McSwine, a.k.a. Wellness Mogul, address themselves to the challenge of spreading hope with the visual book, The Cheat Code To Black Riches, a notable work of fiction that draws attention to societal issues and how one can beat the odds and emerge victoriously.

For 400 years, Black people in America have been suppressed economically, emotionally, spiritually, resulting in a decline in health due to lack of resources, lack of knowledge, and systematic oppression. To help African Americans rise above the gruesome weight of their history,  Marcus Crenshaw and Damien McSwine created The Cheat Code To Black Riches as the first-ever work of fiction to explain the mental processes and physical implementation of universal laws by indigenous royal civilizations. These laws, if adhered to, are guaranteed to help African Americans procure a life beyond the imagination.

This visual book offers proven practical methods that will guide urban Black communities worldwide to successfully navigate all areas of life to obtain riches while encouraging them to tap into a higher level of consciousness. The book gives credence to life practices that prove that having a positive state of mind is key to overcoming physical circumstances, breaking generational curses, manifesting infinite riches and living a life of fulfillment.

The visual book is an honest, humor-filled account of  Marcus and Damien’s experience growing up in Detroit, Michigan, a city statistically considered as the blackest, most inadequate, and most dangerous city in America. Now successful entrepreneurs in their respective careers, Marcus and Damien want to help other aspiring entrepreneurs and other individuals escape the hood and achieve success by teaching the proven method that has helped transform their lives. With The Cheat code to Black Riches, Marcus and Damien will produce the first self-help book with a comedic element filled with laughter and lessons that will forever transform its audience if applied correctly.

Before venturing into the entrepreneurial space, Marcus played professional basketball in Europe for half a decade. Taking the bold step, he left his life as a basketball player and ventured into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. He started many successful businesses, the first being Hoop Cred, the first marketing agency focused on WNBA players.

In 2016, he launched a second business named She Hoops Network via Instagram. The business enterprise utilizes visuals from the internet to bring exposure to thousands of talented female hoopers across all ages and skill levels. After two years since its launch, Marcus sold the business to the media powerhouse Overtime,which is funded by Amazon’s own Jeff Bezos, superstar Drake, and NBA superstar Kevin Durant. In 2020, Marcus again changed course and became a sports agent, launching his own sports agency, The Fam, which Yahoo Finance praised as one of the fastest-growing agencies globally, signing over 25 WNBA athletes in just one year alone.

Damien McSwine, is also a professional basketball player of 12 years turned scholar, a university author and a certified nutritionist from Cornell University. He has a degree from Loyola University. He is the esteemed founder of Power by Nature Herbs and producer of Urban Kryptonite: African Roots Foreign Disease, the number one bestselling documentary focused on African American nutrition. His independent studies in over sixty countries have given Damien a different perspective on health, fitness, and overall wellness. Now he uses his experience and knowledge as a nutritionist to naturally help people improve their overall health and overall quality of life.

With these two talented and enterprising individuals coming together to make a real impact, providing guidance and encouraging positivity that will change their clients’ lives and inspire black entrepreneurs to believe in themselves honestly and chase their dreams, the sky is the starting point.

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