physically stable

Are you trying to follow safety protocols so that you don’t get affected by the virus? If yes, then there are many like you. And while trying to stay safe doesn’t guarantee that you will never get infected, but still, it’s imperative to maintain safety. As you arrange for your masks and sanitizers, it is essential to look after your physical health and stay agile.

The Pandemic has posed challenges on everyone’s physical health because of prolonged lockdown. Even though gym and health clubs have started to re-open, people are scared to walk-in. Hence, during such a condition, you can count on the useful tips by Marcus Debaise on maintaining optimum physical wellbeing.

  1. Stay protected

It is the number one suggestion that both doctors and health coaches will give you! Whether you are indoors or outdoors, ensure that you maintain safety protocols. If you are careless, you might welcome the virus and fall ill. Apart from masks and sanitizer, it would be best if you used disposable gloves, a head shield, and earplugs as and when required.

  • Don’t sit too much

Excess sitting can give rise to several health issues, from a bloated stomach to weak joints! During this lockdown, many people went into a sedentary lifestyle without their knowledge that is gradually leading to body aches and muscle pains. Many people have also witnessed stomach and digestion issues. According to Marcus Debaise, it is necessary to cut down on the sitting time and add more movement to the body. Following a daily exercise regime is essential to stay fit and stay away from the discomforts of a sedentary life.

  • Stay hydrated

Often staying indoors makes a person drink less water. The body doesn’t feel as tired as it feels when you are outside, running from the office to the shopping mall. But that doesn’t mean you cut out on the water intake. Less water intake during this time can add to excess bloating and increase heart palpitations. It can also allow toxins to accumulate in your gut, colon, and the entire. On the other hand, if you drink ample water, you can flush out toxins, keep your digestive system and gut health and also not get dehydrated. It further helps to reduce joint and body aches and keep your skin and hair in good condition.

  • Meditation is essential

Whether we realize it or not, currently, each individual is undergoing unprecedented amounts of stress. And it is necessary to bring down the stress hormones and increase the feel-good factors in life, to stay driven and motivated. Marcus Debaise emphasizes the need to meditate every day for about 15 minutes. It helps to reduce the cortisol level, which in excess can create havoc in the body. It also helps a person feel calm and relaxed.

Last but not least, it is essential to eat healthily and get a sound sleep at night. Our body is continually shifting between flight or fight mode without our knowing. Hence, diet, along with meditation and exercise plays an essential role to keep the hormones and stress level at balance. That, in turn, will boost the immune system and prevent a person from falling sick.