In the past few months, people have become accustomed to the new phenomena called quarantine and pandemic like never before. It has made them get used to a new way of life. The governments are trying their level best to prevent the spread of the virus. 

They have taken steps related to physical distancing, contactless transactions, self-quarantine, and many more. With people locked down in their homes, the use of television and mobile phones has increased. 

Along with this, there has been a rise in the stress on eyes and related diseases. So it is in this scenario that Marcus Debaise has tried to draw the attention of the readers towards the ways that you can adopt to take care of your eyesight so that you do not face eye problems.

Some tips to keep your eyes healthy

  • Make a good grocery list: With the increase of the fear of the pandemic, there is also the increase of panic shopping. Some people are up for buying more than what is required. In this scenario, Marcus Debaise has some suggestions to make. It is related to what you should purchase and what is the impact of the item that you buy on your health.

Thus you should get food items that are high on vitamin A content. It is directly related to eyesight. The food items with a high content of omega-3 are good for health. Flax seeds, salmon, herring are some of the things that are rich in omega 3. Again try to include food items rich in antioxidants. They will help to build your immunity. Lastly, try to accommodate food items that are high on vitamin-E. Cereals, whole grains, brown nut are some of the food items rich in vitamin E.

  • Give rest to your eyes: You must give rest to your eyes. It would be best if you were not on the screen or your laptop for longer durations at a stretch. It will cause stress to your eye nerves. Try to take small breaks in between work. It will help you ease your eyes. Marcus Debaise says that eye-strain is not permanent, but they can get worse with time. Try to work on your screen time to ease out the pressure on your eyes. 
  • Use blue light blocking glasses: You must invest in blue light blocking glasses. They have become popular in the recent past. The lenses of the glass filter prevent the high energy visible light from the screen to enter your eyes. It is relatively easy to work with these glasses all the time. So they are excellent protectors for your eyes. You can easily invest in a pair to protect your eyes from harmful rays. These glasses are relatively cheap, so you can easily afford them. Thus you must have these items in your grocery list. 

Hence it can be said that eye care is something that depends upon you. You can make the necessary arrangements so that you do not have to compromise on your eyesight.