Maintaining a regular exercise routine during this pandemic is difficult because of working from home and a adopting a sedentary life style. There are still ways to partake in workouts, despite the current crisis. The lockdown and social distancing regulations have made attending gyms and workout classes virtually impossible. However, there are alternative methods by which one can receive their daily exercise without the need of a physical gym.

According to an article published on, physical therapists are motivating people to work out and partake in some sort of movement when working from home. Here are some tips to help you stay active and healthy amid the COVID-19 crisis:

Marcus Joseph Debaise recommends getting outside if possible

Be outside and obtain as much fresh air as possible. However, remember to check the recent government guidelines. If permitted, you can walk your dog, jog, or simply take a stroll around your block all the while making sure to maintain a safe distance from other individuals.

If there is a garden on your property, consider working in it in the mornings. Including daily movement like gardening or walking in the morning will help you be exposed to more sunshine and fresh air, therefore improving overall mental and physical health.

Include movement into your daily chores

Even in the confinement of your own home, you can find ways to include some movement into your routine such as daily chores. There are domestic routines like cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, or dusting that may be of benefit when performed briskly. Additionally, these activities will work your leg and arm muscles.

According to Marcus Joseph Debaise, one can implement movement in any activities, even if it is during watching your favorite television show. You might be wondering how. During credits and commercials, consider squatting, doing push-ups, lunges, or jumping sacks. It is as simple as that.

You can partake in other simple activities such as moving around your home or walking when taking calls. If there are stairs in your home, consider utilizing them during exercise routines. If you have a garden, consider working in it a couple of times a week. Take a walk or play with your dog if you have one. These are just a couple of examples of small exercises and movementsyou can do to keep you fit and active.

Keep track of your exercise             

Any form of exercise including but not limiting to push-ups, lifting dumbbells, walking, running, cycling, or swimming, should be kept track of. Consider utilizing fitness apps, trackers, or even maintain a journal so that you remain accountable and motivated to work out.

Noticing your own physical progress such as a flatter stomach has proven to cause motivation to continue to improve in terms of health and physical appearance. Staying at home all day is challenging and therefore, you need to monitor your exercises so that you stay motivated. It will result with a feeling of achievement as well as provide an emotional boost to keep exercising.


Consider these tips and tricks in order to continue with your workouts. Movement of any kind is essential, especially during times of lockdowns and social distancing. Movement plays a large factor in remaining healthy.