Mariia Tsegelynk has been on the news lately for her amazing spiritual healing classes, which combine energy healing and the unconscious mind to remove any illness or imbalance from a person’s body. She is a certified spiritual healer who works personally with individuals to give up unhealthy patterns and habits to improve their lives, relationships, and everything else. Her brainchild, ‘The Light of Healing,’ offers a ton of spiritual healing certifications and training, group classes, meditations, hypnosis, and private energy healing sessions to individuals.

In a recent interview, Mariia revealed her own story of how back in 2014, her life drastically changed forever when she contracted Lyme disease and was completely bedridden for months.  It was the most crucial time of her life when she was on her way to meet death, but she decided not to give up. Doctors had declared that there’s no cure for Chronic Lyme and it will always be in her system, but she refused to believe that. Instead, she focused on healing herself and achieving whatever she desired in life. Her success in doing so is highly commendable and motivational. She revealed a few different ways of how one can use their mind to promote physical wellbeing.

Believe in Your Treatments

To heal yourself, first, you must have faith in the treatment and believe that it has the power to heal you. Your belief plays a major role in healing you. Whether you’re visiting a dentist to get rid of your toothache or a chiropractor for a bad knee, your belief in the treatment is more effective than the treatment itself.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Maintaining a gratitude journal helps improve the quality of sleep and plays a significant role in making you more sensitive towards your surroundings. Studies have revealed that gratitude journals help conjure feelings of thankfulness before going to bed, which directly helps improve the quality of sleep.

Focus on Your Life Purpose

When Mariia was bed-ridden, she truly believed that her purpose in life has not yet been fulfilled, and she had more fight left in her to achieve what she wanted. Having a purpose in life makes you optimistic and motivates you every day to get out of bed and move towards your goals.

This has been her secret to fighting against her disease, and you can do it too! You can find your purpose in the work you do or find meaning as a volunteer. Anything that makes you happy and contributes towards doing something good for yourself or someone else will help you stay motivated and heal you from within.

Be Optimistic

Self-healing is not possible without optimism. When you have negative energy surrounding you, there are lower chances of healing and coming out as a victor. Instead, surround yourself with positive thoughts, energy, and people; then watch the magic unfold. Cut negative people out of your life and drive negative thoughts away. Mariia believes that this is a great way of practicing self-healing.

Mariia has helped several people live better, healthier lives by teaching them the art of Energy Healing and Reiki. Her clients love the fact that she over-delivers and outperforms herself, giving out more than what she gets in return. This, she believes, is a form of self-healing; to be able to do something you love and extract happiness out of it.