Babies are blessings from God. That innocence, lovely – cute faces are full of happiness. When babies are born, they are not only blessed with new life, but they give new life to their parents too. Babies pours abundance of love in the family, there is positive vibes and happiness all around with the babies’ presence and the family is complete. Let’s read about the journey of Marinda Balakly and his husband who are founders of an online brand Tiny Toddler.

After completing 4 years of marriage. The couple was highly expecting a baby in their life. There was signs of conceiving, going through numerous thoughts in the mind but it can’t affect their love, with many rays of hope couple did many consulting to doctors and with God grace they finally got positive results and gave a birth to baby, unfortunately the happiness didn’t last longer and Marinda was tremendously shock to deliver a stillborn baby. It was very difficult for them to come out of this, their world was devastated. Mearinda’s tears couldn’t stop for 7 days which lead into great depression, which totally destroyed her in and outside. But her husband was still hoping for some good, but she found herself very helpless.  

 Her husband took her to an orphanage with some hope and positivity. Never they would have thought that this decision will change their lives and bring about a change in many other lives as well. They both spend some days with those kids and helping Marinda slowly coming back to normality. Her husband suggested to adopt a girl child by watching her being totally happy and content spending time with one sweet girl at the orphanage. As she was equally aware about sad stories of other kids as well at the Orphanage. She got very attached to those little stars and took a vow to take care of all the kids and tried to bring back that lost happiness in their life. She started giving surprise gifts to all kids and felt so pleased by looking at the happiness of that pretty souls. But being a housewife, she could not afford all expenses solely for taking care of those kids of Orphanage. 

 As those kids are life for her and she really wanted to take care of them. So she came across an idea and launch an online baby product store and gradually she established an online Brand TINY TODDLER with an efficient team of 30 professionals and after some months they build their warehouse in USA and in Europe. With their dedicated love for the lovely kids, today they are able to buy many needful products and amazing gifts every month and not only these they donate 25% of their total revenue all over the world. They try their level best to provide them all with all necessities and support them to establish a good life for them. With a single objective of spreading more love and happiness, Tiny Toddler is on a mission to help and nurture these kids ahead in life.

 We hope they are successful in the mission and go on to bring about a positive change in all the kids’ lives.

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