Leadership is what makes or breaks a company. While very often there are stories of people getting wealthy by using the labor of others, some choose to be inspirational role models instead. Such is the case of the Italian millionaire Mario Selva.

Having always been a dreamer and somebody who genuinely cares about people, Selva has managed to reach an unparalleled level of success throughout his career in marketing. Originally from Italy, Mario studied business at the University of Naples Federico II. He completed his degree in 2017 but the learning did not stop there.

Mario remembers going into voluntary seclusion for 80% of his day just to study and do research. He wanted to understand early on how to lead others and how to scale his business by creating a positive impact.

Mario, who is now very well known on social media at @Marioselva on Instagram, has always put his mindset first. “Don’t you ever quit regardless of how hard it gets,” he preaches to new entrepreneurs who want to have the same lifestyle he does.

When Selva finished school, he began helping Amazon sellers with marketing. He was brilliant at it, but soon realized that he needed to start his own business if he was going to be truly successful. Mario made $180,000 in just four months. When he started his own online store based on drop-shipping, that sum grew to $1.5 million in just 18 months.

“I always wanted to succeed and had the drive. I was following my personal American dream,” he recalls. Mario follows a few different gurus, the most pivotal of whom have been Iman Gadzhi, who completely transformed the young entrepreneur’s life.

Mario knows that any business has its issues. There’s no way around that. What the determinant factor is, however, is whether the leader can guide the company forward and motivate his team. This is the kind of leader Selva aspires to be.

It’s not just finance that Mario is interested in. The business owner is fascinated by psychology, both in running a business and in communicating with people. He found that marketing is the best intersection between the two.

Mario loves figuring out how social media algorithms work. It’s a way for him to apply psychology into the ever-growing sphere of technology. He dreams of being able to teach others his skills. “When you learn how to properly and effectively use marketing, you can reach virtually anyone,” says Selva.

When times get tough, Selva turns to reminiscing about his beginnings as a way to gain perspective on things. For Mario, creating a solid team is key. That becomes especially important when scaling a business. He sees his team as the number one asset of his business.

“It’s important that you surround yourself with like-minded people,” he explains, “because they’ll keep you going forward every day.” To date, Mario employs two people and wants to grow his team soon. Mario doesn’t like to fight against the competition but rather sees an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow together. He explains that he always tries to sell a product that is different from the competition instead of undercutting other owners.

For Mario Selva, staying true to one’s values in business is crucial. He has turned down many clients who have wanted him to follow their marketing rules. He knows that he’s good at what he does, and he wants to go about marketing his way.

Mario sees every so-called “failure” as a lesson and an opportunity to learn something. He also never wants to depend on anyone else in business, which is why he founded his own business instead of continuing to work with Amazon sellers back in 2017.

Selva’s biggest success to date has been the ability to help his family with the wealth that he’s generated. “It’s never about the money. It’s about freedom,” he explains.

Currently, Selva and his team are working on establishing and developing new brands. Those would be focused internationally and will reach all corners of the planet. He doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon because he simply loves his work too much and finds joy in it.

When asked about his legacy, Mario says, “I want to be remembered for my goodness and desire to help others. This is what will make me the happiest. Money really is secondary.” The future looks bright for this powerhouse entrepreneur. He’s excited to make a real difference in the world and help educate and support as many people as possible.