Tell us more about yourself

My name is Mark Lutchman. I was born in a town called Levittown, Puerto Rico by a mother who had ran away from Trinidad to start a new life. We eventually came to the United States and I went to catholic private school until grade 9. I went to public school at grade 10 and saw how different urban environments were from what I was used to.

When I got out of high school, I joined the Army National Guard and came back to a newborn child. I guess you could say I had to grow up fast. Years later, I started getting into politics and eventually did some conservative videos that I uploaded to a Trump group. I saw that a big Trump page had used my video and it had gotten millions of views. I reached out to the page and made a great friend named Jason who helped me make a Facebook fan page and get started on more videos, to which I would get millions of more views. Ever since then I have been making conservative style commentary videos and being a voice for the many black conservatives who struggle to find their place in the country.

What gives you energy?

I would say that seeing good things happening to others and to our country gives me energy. When I see somebody, who sees things the way I do and truly wants the best for this nation that gives me energy to continue to do what I do.

What’s your secret life hack to building a mindset of empowerment instead of one where you feel like a victim?

My secret life hack to building a mindset of empowerment instead of victimhood is simply having the knowledge that nobody can hold me back from doing what I want to do but me. If I fail, I acknowledge that it is like my own fault that I have failed, and I don’t scapegoat or deflect blame of my failures because of someone or something else.

Also, I realize that I am not entitled to anything in this world. Anything that I earn or have, I am extremely blessed to have and am thankful for whatever I have. But, nobody owes me anything. And I can’t expect anyone to give me a handout. The only thing I can expect is to go out and earn what it is I want and have.

What is your greatest challenges experience and how did you overcome it?

My greatest challenge experience was most likely getting through basic training and I overcame that through acknowledging that every day and every bit of effort I put in was another step closer to reaching the end of my goal. I would say I take this attitude with me for anything in life.

Name a book that changed your life.

The number one book that changed my life is the Bible. Becoming a born-again Christian helped me understand that the world is a lot bigger than me. And I am not the main character, but a supporting character in a much greater narrative. The Bible has helped me to live less selfishly and more in service to God and others.

How do you stay positive when there are so many people who don’t like you or what you stand for?

There are thousands of people who hate me and would likely cheer at the sound of my demise. What keeps me positive knows that the people who think like this are likely very unhappy with their own personal lives and more than likely don’t have God. I simply feel sorry for them that they want to get their happiness at the expense of others. That’s no way to live. The people who don’t like my politics… well that’s just too bad because if you look at the world and haven’t come to the same conclusions about it as me than you just don’t have all the facts right.

Who is the most famous person that you have met, and what was something remarkable that you remember about your encounter with them?

The most famous person I met was probably Donald Trump Jr. Something remarkable that I remember when I encountered him is the realization that I had entered the world of politics like I had always wanted to and that was an amazing realization to come to.

You unexpectedly find 15 minutes in your day, what do you do with it?

If I find an extra 15 minutes of my day, I will spend that time doing something nice for my child or my wife. There’s always plenty of time to work so why not use that time to make someone you love happy.

When was the last time you felt burned out and why?

The last time I felt burnt out was honestly a long time ago. The last time I really felt burnt out

When was the last time you felt you failed and how did you overcome it?

The last time I felt like I had failed was in 2017 on the anniversary of the election when I had my entire Facebook fan page gone like it was never there. 300,000 followers, millions of video views, likes, and comments, all gone. I had to go back to work as a server at a restaurant and felt like I had failed at my dreams for a few weeks. Eventually, I had snapped out of my depression and decided to give it another try but this time totally on my own and I was going to rebuild it fast. So, I bought a $1,200 camera and got to work. A month later, I have a successful, high engagement page with already 100,000 followers and fast forward to today I have plenty of social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views. I overcame my failure when I stopped trying to be a victim and just did what was necessary totally on my own.

What is your best advice to people who are afraid to live their truth or live out loud, for fear of what others will think?

My advice to people who are afraid to live their truth or live out loud, for fear of what others will think is that nobody’s judgment of you is even worth having an impact on you. The only person’s judgement who matters is God. With him, he will give you the strength to live his truth and live out loud without fear, because the only one I fear is the Lord. I also know that most people struggle spiritually and I do not like the thoughts of others impact me in any meaningful way.

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