Young entrepreneur Rishabh Jain says that the marketing era has just begun. Within a few years,   marketing is going to be one of the core courses for students to learn – the reason being it is a platform in demand along with technology.

Rishabh Jain is a self-motivated person who inspires several youths to be focused on what they want to achieve in their life. This is how Rishabh has reached this level! Rishabh started his journey with   Business Incubator- a   marketing company of his own, where he has offered   marketing services to various clients. He also holds expertise in Facebook ads which he implicates to boost the growth of a business.

He was inspired by great influencers Harsh Aggrawal and Neil Patel to start his company Branding with Risabh. Being inspired by their footsteps, Rishabh Jain has come a long way in these four years and has acquired complete knowledge in   marketing. He has emerged as one of the youngest   marketing entrepreneurs of India.

Rishabh Jain started his career by working in a company where he learnt the basics of   marketing. He is a focused personality and was adamant about learning   marketing. Being inspired by great influencers, he started watching their videos, read their blogs, implemented some excellent strategies and acquired proficiency in   marketing with his hard work and determination.

With a great understanding of   marketing and its strategies, Rishabh knows very well how to grow a business. He holds excellent expertise in Facebook ads campaigns which he uses to grow his client’s businesses effectively.

Rishabh Jain knows that the coming era is ultimately going to be in   form. And   marketing will be ruling the world. He inspires several other youths with his knowledge and provides excellent knowledge to the aspiring learners and entrepreneurs through his   platforms.

“With the evolution of technologies,   marketing is going to be in the game,” says Rishabh. He puts a strong point to support his statement that from now onwards every company big or small is going to opt for   awareness and marketing to be in the competition.

Rishabh also states that there is not much time when each and every company and entrepreneurs will be growing their 70% of businesses through   marketing. He also has a desire that aspiring students and young learners should be taught   marketing as a course in their colleges. With such great thinking and determination, we wish him all the best for his upcoming ventures!

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