So, you’ve decided to drop your 9-5 obligations. You are still sunk in debt but you don’t care because you have a dream. You know that once your online business picks up, the debt will be no more.

You’re lucky you’ve signed up your first 3 clients and you think you’ve got it in the bag but you are uncertain whether the circle will go on.

Your dream is to run your business while traveling the world.

But you wonder, “What if I reach Moscow and just after I’ve rented my new house, clients stop flowing in?”

I hear you and I’ve been there.

To travel the world, you need your business to flood with clients.

These 4 marketing strategies are proven and if used well will create an unending flow of clients who will support your work and fund your dream.

I know you so much need this so let’s dive right in…

Email marketing & SEO

I know of a very successful kick-ass 7 figure woman entrepreneur and coach who travels to a new country every month and right now as I write, she’s living at a $3,000,000 house close to Bronte beach.

Her strategy-Email marketing and SEO

I’m one of her subscribers but men how she treats us well.

She sends us offers, literally coaches us for free and wraps her messages in very striking, irresistible email subject lines.

Of course, she also manages a huge thriving Facebook group more than 12000 members and attends to thousands of web visitors on her beautiful website, but she collects all her client’s emails from all her marketing channels and treats them to special emails.

She pays attention to SEO and hires a knowledgeable SEO strategist to manage her SEO.

So yeah, there is no doubt, email marketing and SEO are one of the top marketing strategies for you to embrace.

Just make sure you are consistent. Don’t bombard your subscribers with lots of emails but keep showing up.

On your website create retention programs and remarketing banners so that you convert your web visitors always.

Once you grow a community of email subscribers and fix your SEO, the rest becomes history.

Backlink strategy

One of the most effective ways to communicate to prospects that you offer a great service is by having someone credible tell them about your products.

In the online space, that credible person is a high authority site that has lots of readers, a good trust flow and a high DA.

The other person to tell about your business is a good writer that contributes to that high domain site.

This is very important because simply placing links everywhere is not what will help you drive traffic.

For Google to rank your site, the content needs to be well researched and perfectly written. It also must have your link inserted in a non-salesy way.

If your business is about fitness coaching, the article in which your website gets linked should relate to fitness.

It’s a whole process with several dots that must all add up but it’s totally worth it because you know what?

You can pack your bags, get on a plane and go soak yourself in the sea in the Bahamas or sip wind in a sugary white sand beach in Zanzibar and just hop from country to country as you watch your backlink strategy draw in your soul clients.

Content marketing

Content marketing is those posts you create in your Facebook group. The webinars you appear on, the tips and advice you share through your blog and email.

One secret about content marketing is that even though it’s your marketing strategy, it shouldn’t seem like one in front of your potential clients.

Times have changed. People want to feel your love and not just your product. It’s from the love you show them that they buy from you.

So, throughout your strategy, share genuine value. Give out some freebies that can help a struggling soul that can’t afford to buy from you now.

Show up and answer questions. Be polite and keep loving.

You won’t believe the magic. You will naturally attract clients who believe in what you do and are ready to pay a leg and arm to have you serve them.

The moment you get your content marketing flowing, get ready to traverse the planet, your soul clients will fund every moment of your journey.

Stunning and optimized website

Your website is your online face. Just like you wouldn’t want to walk into a disorganized, dirty, unwelcoming office, so wouldn’t your clients want to navigate a website that doesn’t look good.

So, before you think about the nitty-gritty’s, find a good web designer to create a stunning website for you.

A website that has all the actionable buttons in strategic places; is clean and navigational so that when your prospects visit, they don’t get irritated trying to get around.

Don’t forget to help people find it by optimizing it.

If you can find a web designer who both knows how to design and optimize a site, it becomes easier.

Although I believe in self-help, I think self-help should be left for those little tasks that are like a piece of cake.

Things like opening an email, creating a Facebook page, etc.

I hear many people say, buy a theme and build your own website but a website is not something to joke around with.

This is the face of your business, it’s your baby and should be treated as so.

 It’s better to hire a web designer and get it right the first time than to fidget and waste precious time when you should be busy building another aspect of your business.


  • Esther Muwombi

    Esther Muwombi

    Esther Muwombi is a freelance content creation specialist and Journalist based in the Netherlands. Esther writes about Business, fitness, travel, and gathers news stories for large media outlets around the World. She has been doing this for the past 11 years and enjoys every bit of it. Esther mothers three adorable girls and one brilliant boy. When she's not writing, she loves to relax by the beach with her family. You can find her on Facebook and read more of her writings on Huffington Post, the Guardian and the