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SO many businesses lose potential customers and opportunities every day just because of their generalized marketing message. Let me remind you again that not being specific often negatively impacts the creative efforts and hard work that goes into advertising and marketing campaigns….So our ONE COACHING THING TODAY is to learn about Marketing to Women.

Are you considering women in your marketing?

Does your brand message relate to them?

If yes, then how effectively are you responding to the needs of this larger consumer group?

Image by Lee-Ane Villeneuve from Unsplash

Today, I’m going to give you 3 good reasons why marketing to Women is EXACTLY what you need to consider. And, how you should do it the right way. Successful businesses have learned gradually about this underrepresented demographic so keep reading before your competitors do!

Why is Including Women in Marketing is More Important Than Ever?

  1. Women are key purchasers of this century. They now hold a large amount of purchase power unlike in the past where only men were decision makers in every aspect of life. Regardless of their psychographic, Women in North America lead a large percentage in household spending.

Here are some of the buying decisions they are statistically involved in when it comes to the home and families:

  • 92.5% family clothes and shoes
  • 92% vacations
  • 90.5% of home furnishings
  • 89% homes
  • 87.5% dining out
  • 63% of automobiles
  • 57% of consumer electronics

2. Women tend to make connections and establish deeper consumer relationships when they shop or purchase whereas men traditionally are mostly interested in surface level “transactional” relationships. This means if the former ones like your brand, they will stay loyal which can lead to ‘word of mouth marketing’ for you as well.

3. They have spouses, children, parents, friends and their own needs so they not only have access to others who might buy but are always looking for brands that deeply understand them.

HOWEVER, much retail traditional marketing sounds “masculine” even if it’s general which is why women can’t relate to it. It doesn’t highlight why the “offer” presented is for them too. Cars, real estates, tech, men’s fashion, and travel ads usually don’t address women when in fact women today are very well capable of purchasing all these on their own for themselves and their families.

How do I Effectively Market to Women?

It’s all about researching and serving the solutions they need. Because men and women consumers are different, the marketing geared towards them should also be tailored according to it. Inspired by “The Purse Strings Effect” by Wendi Schnickle, see if you are addressing their deeper fears around worth, value, trust, etc?

I HIGHLY recommend you to;

  1. Stop “pinkyfying” or sound patronizing your campaigns when targeting female demographics.
  2. Stop Stereotyping the role of Women.
  3. Women LOVE stories. Make your ads and marketing more effective with the experiences and life stories of other women.
  4. Recognize each subset group of women and dive deep into different wants and needs because it’s a vast group and no two females are the same. Consider age range, relationships, careers, desires, etc when conveying your brand message to make it more effective.
  5. Feature multicultural women to represent and attract consumers from all races and regions.
  6. As I said earlier that women make connections, therefore, it’s best to sound appealing as they research before making a purchase. FOCUS on their PAIN POINTS in order to grasp their attention.
Image by Andrea Piacquadio from Unsplash

Specific Marketing To Women Works Better

Be mindful in 2020 that talking to Women doesn’t necessarily mean you are talking to a gender only. There are emotionally intelligent Men and gender fluid individuals that also respond to marketing geared towards Women in general. For instance, as a child of a single Mom, much of my buying behaviour was built on watching my Mother. So when Marketing that is designed to speak to Men is in front of me, it doesn’t resonate as well as those geared to Women.


Women have stepped in the markets and have the purchase power to buy just like men. Therefore,

  • Be inclusive of this large consumer group in your future marketing.
  • Give them positive reasons to buy.
  • Addressing the needs and habits of women in ad campaigns without stereotyping their gender and roles can be a key to success for businesses.
  • Offer great value as they shop since they mostly tend to be loyal customers if they are satisfied.
  • Make sure it’s not gender marketing because specifically pointing at women by using gender can be a major turn off as they can feel alienated.