Markuss Hussle

Markuss Hussle’s venture ‘Adsents’ brings hope to many law firms who are unable to run their businesses in full swing. The founder & CEO Markuss first started his journey in digital marketing back in 2019 when he discovered the untapped potential of digital marketing, social media to be precise.

Adsents is so much more than just a “marketing agency”. In fact, in our short interview with Markuss, he mentioned that Adsents in his view is more of a “Law Firm Growth Agency” with the vision of truly helping them grow their business not only by generating leads but by truly going the extra mile to get the ideal cases for their clients and make sure they become paying clients. Until then, their job is not done.

Adsents started in late 2020s with the sole focus of improving the online presence of growing law firms who truly have the best intentions . It has not been an easy journey for Adsents as they are still a very new agency compared to the competition who have been helping the law firm industry for decades.

Markuss shares an important life lesson, ‘The ability to innovate and adapt is not something that resonates only with digital marketing but also with life. With everything that’s happening around the world, as a business owner, you must be quick on your feet and be able to innovate and move quick.

You have to believe you have an amazing mind full of thoughts and ideas. You need to express them. Tell them to others and see what they say. Some of your ideas may seem funny to you, or inappropriate, but that doesn’t matter. It’s been said a man is as big as his/her dreams. So, don’t stop dreaming and when it’s time to give shape to your dreams, express your best approach.

Don’t let yourself to be down about your failures or stressed out. Take a long drive by yourself, hang out with your friends and family or just go to the movies! All these things will help you get back on track.

When we are feeling down, our creativity is stuck inside us and it hard to think of any new idea in that state of mind. That is why it’s important to fight it and just enjoy life he said.