Travelling is on everyone’s bucket list and lucky are those who make money while traveling. In this dynamic world, social media is the best thing ever happened to humans. It has become a mode of making money and one such name who has established himself is Masis Ovsepian. A lifestyle and travel influencer who has explored different parts of the world from a very early age. Not just traveling, the blogger also loves automobiles and his Instagram perfectly sums up his love for luxury cars. Born in Russia, the young influencer has explored several parts of the world including Dubai, Kenya, East Africa, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and many other places.

After every travel journey, Masis shares his travel experience. Looks like his experience after visiting East Africa was not up to the mark. He revealed that in Africa life not only consists of parties, entertainment, work, and hustle but there are many other serious problems. He stated that he has seen people live as well as survive over there. The influencer hopes that governments and business elites from developed countries will help people over there. Besides this, the blogger also loves to do philanthropy and he had recently donated some money to the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Currently, Ovsepian is on a break from his travel diaries and is enjoying his quarantine time in Russia. “The break was much needed. The current scenario is very crucial as the coronavirus pandemic is spreading all over the world. I have no travel plans for the next three months and I am spending my time indoors all the time. The world economy will face a huge backdrop because of COVID-19 but currently what we must do is stay in isolation. Everything will settle and get back on track. It’s really disturbing to see people die because of the deadly virus”, said the blogger. Apart from this, Masis Ovsepian is also helping poor and needy people who can’t afford to buy essential commodities in the crisis of the pandemic.