At MYXfitness, we know that the mind-body connection is real — and real important. That’s why breath work piqued our interest. At MYX, it’s our mission to provide smarter, simpler solutions that address your holistic wellbeing. And what could be more simple than breathing, right? Well, to get the full benefits, there’s a little more to it. So, in this quick Mat Chat Monday conversation, we sat down and took a breath with a real expert on this wide-ranging remedy that’s available to all of us — for free.

MYX Coach and professional dancer Kristin Condon (@kristincondon) has zero shame in her game. Capable, resilient, and a dynamo by any measure, she struggles with anxiety here and there and has no issue talking about it — especially if it’ll help someone else. That’s why she was super excited to talk with breath worker and author of Breath Love, Lauren Chelec Cafritz. Lauren knows the nose knows and teaches Kristin about why deep breathing is your best and first line of defense when feeling stressed or anxious.


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